3rd International Workshop on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology SeptemberSep 26 2019 - SeptemberSep 27 2019 Europe/MadridUniversity of Luxembourg, Luxembourg


Since the appearance of Bitcoin in 2009, a plethora of new cryptocurrencies and other blockchain based systems have been deployed with different success. While some of them are slightly different copies of Bitcoin, other ones propose interesting improvements or new usages of the underlying blockchain technology. However, the novelty of such technologies is often tied with rapid developments and proof-of-concept software, and rigorous scientific analyses of the proposed systems are often skipped.

This workshop aims to provide a forum for researchers in this area to carefully analyze current systems and propose new ones in order to create a scientific background for a solid development of new cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology systems.

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University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg


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Sep 26 08:30
Sep 26 08:45
General Welcome
Sep 26 09:00
Invited Talk
Sep 26 10:00
Coffee Break
Sep 26 10:30
Session 1: Lightning Networks and Level 2
Sep 26 10:30
TEE-Based Distributed Watchtowers for Fraud Protection in the Lightning Network.
Sep 26 11:00
Payment Networks as Creation Games.
Sep 26 11:30
An Efficient Micropayment Channel on Ethereum (Short Paper).
Sep 26 11:55
Extending Atomic Cross-Chain Swaps (Short Paper).
Sep 26 12:10
Lunch Break
Sep 26 13:30
Session 2: Smart Contracts and Applications
Sep 26 13:30
The Operational Cost of Ethereum Airdrops.
Sep 26 14:00
Blockchain Driven Platform for Energy Distribution in a Microgrid.
Sep 26 14:30
Practical Mutation Testing for Smart Contracts.
Sep 26 15:00
Coffee Break
Sep 26 15:15
Session 3: Payment Systems
Sep 26 15:15
A Multi-Protocol Payment System to Facilitate Financial Inclusion.
Sep 26 15:45
Online Payment Network Design.
Sep 26 16:15
Bonded Mining: Difficulty Adjustment by Miner Commitment.
Sep 26 17:30
Social Activity
Sep 26 20:30
Gala Dinner
Sep 27 09:00
Invited Talk
Sep 27 10:00
Coffee Break
Sep 27 10:30
Session 4: Privacy, Mining and Short papers
Sep 27 10:30
Simulation Extractability in Groth's zk-SNARK.
Sep 27 11:00
Auditable Credential Anonymity Revocation Based on Privacy-Preserving Smart Contracts.
Sep 27 11:30
Bonded Mining: Difficulty Adjustment by Miner Commitment.
Sep 27 12:00
12 Angry Miners (Short Paper)
Sep 27 12:20
A minimal core calculus for Solidity contracts (Short Paper)
Sep 27 12:40
Multi-Stage Contracts in the UTXO Model (Short Paper)
Sep 27 13:00
Farewell Lunch

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