4th ACNS Workshop on Secure Cryptographic Implementation JuneJun 19 2023 - JuneJun 22 2023 Asia/TokyoKyoto, Japan


In recent years, we have witnessed severe security incidences caused by buggy protocols or implementations of cryptographic algorithms: POODLE, DROWN, OpenSSL Heartbleed, Windows certificate validation vulnerabilities, PDF shadow attacks, Google Titan Token Bluetooth bugs, etc. It is critical for practitioners and researchers to ensure the security of cryptographic software and hardware, which are essential for a wide range of systems, services, and applications.

The aim of the SCI workshop is to provide an international forum of scientific research and development to explore the security issues in the implementation and deployment of cryptographic solutions. We are interested in these main aspects: (1) vulnerabilities and defenses in the implementation of cryptographic algorithms; (2) vulnerabilities and defenses in the implementation of cryptographic protocols; (3) defective cryptographic algorithms and protocols deployed in the wild; (3) weak cryptographic keys and random numbers in the cryptographic implementation; (4) runtime cryptographic key attacks and protections; (5) certificates and key management; (6) misuse or abuse of cryptographic services; and (7) other topics on secure cryptographic implementations.

We try to promote secure cryptographic solutions in the Internet, by exploring and discussing the (in)security issues. We solicit submissions of original research papers on a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Secure implementations of crypto algorithms & protocols
  • Fuzzing and vulnerabilities of crypto algorithms & protocols
  • Measurement of cryptographic solutions in the wild, defective or updated
  • Designs of random bit generators
  • Weak cryptographic keys and defective random bit generators
  • Side channel attacks and defenses
  • Cryptographic key protections and memory attacks
  • PKI certificate services and key management
  • HTTPS/TLS vulnerabilities and attacks
  • Measurement and bugs of certificate-based solutions
  • Audit and monitoring of cryptographic services
  • Physical attacks and defenses of cryptographic implementation
  • Verification and evaluation of cryptographic implementation
  • High-performance cryptographic engines
  • Cryptographic hardware
  • Cryptography for Blockchain
  • Cryptography for IoT/CPS
  • Cryptography for the Cloud
  • Cryptography for Mobile systems
  • Cryptography for VANET
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Kyoto, Japan


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