6th Global FinWise: Macao Edition SeptemberSep 21 2019 - SeptemberSep 22 2019 Europe/MadridMacao


Since 2017, our management team hosted five editions of the FinWise Summit in Shanghai, Macao, Tokyo and Hong Kong, and 23 editions of the d10e Conference (2014-2018) around the world in Amsterdam, Bucharest, the Cayman Islands, Davos, Gibraltar, Kyiv, Liberland, Ljubljana, Malta, Puerto Rico, Seoul, Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Vilnius and Warsaw.

At our first FinWise edition in Shanghai (July 2017), we brought impressive projects onto our stage, such as Binance, Tron, Jinse Finance, Agrello and RSK. At our last edition of FinWise in Hong Kong (May 2019), we established the Greater Bay Media Alliance and saw established projects such as Metaverse launch their latest project, called DualChain Network Architecture (DNA).

As the crypto market blew up 100 times from $8 billion to $800 billion, from January 2016 to January 2018, hundreds of blockchain conferences popped up everywhere. Soon enough most became the same pitchfest copycats.

At our upcoming summit in Macao expect no direct pitches on stage, but amazing content and debates by the founders and top management within the DeFi ecosystem. Come prepared for relevant strategic meetings and exclusive parties to solidify new friendships.

Looking forward to hosting you for a weekend in Macao. Feel free to let us know how we can help you make this a memorable experience.

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Sep 21 10:00
Sep 21 10:05
Welcome by Organisers
Sep 21 10:10
Synthetic US Stocks (invest in US stocks without kyc)
Sep 21 10:25
The Future of illiquid asset lending
Sep 21 11:10
It’s 2019, where the heck is our p2p cash?
Sep 21 11:25
Sep 21 11:40
Why are DeFi lending returns as high as 18%?
Sep 21 12:10
Lessons from 160 blockchain ventures, which raised $650+ million.
Sep 21 12:40
Sep 21 14:00
Why DeFi: Investors perspective
Sep 21 14:30
What role does synthetic stocks have in the DeFi space?
Sep 21 15:00
Could DeFi prevent the next financial crisis?
Sep 21 15:45
Making DeFi scale
Sep 21 16:00
The future of DEX’s, what’s next?
Sep 21 16:30
Does privacy matter for widespread usage of DeFi?
Sep 22 10:00
Sep 22 10:40
Decentralized Stablecoins: How stable cryptocurrencies are created from volatile cryptoassets?
Sep 22 11:10
Sep 22 11:30
The hidden sophistication of informal finance - what can DeFi learn?
Sep 22 12:00
Creating Liquidity for DeFi: What works and what doesn’t?
Sep 22 12:30
Which markets benefit most from DeFi?
Sep 22 13:00
Sep 22 14:30
How IoT oracles revolutionize DeFi?
Sep 22 14:45
Live Demo: Decentralized Exchange Swaps
Sep 22 15:15
Decentralizing Oracles - the price feeds powering DeFi
Sep 22 15:30
Crosschain liquidity for DeFi
Sep 22 16:00
Derisking fiat backed stablecoins
Sep 22 16:15
Decentralization for Security vs. Decentralization for Regulation
Sep 22 16:30
Borrow Against Data Collateral
Sep 22 16:45
Incentivizing open source contributions

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