Bosch Connected World 2020 FebruaryFeb 19 2020 - FebruaryFeb 20 2020 Europe/MadridBerlin, Germany


Bosch ConnectedWorld 2020 is the meeting point for experts creating connected products and solutions invented for life. Choose between the conference, the exhibition, the hackathon and the many networking opportunities to create your personalized event.

Join executives, decision makers, digital transformers, innovators, developers, entrepreneurs and IoT enthusiasts from diverse industries around the world to stimulate knowledge exchange, co-creation and business opportunities.

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Berlin, Germany


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Luckenwalder Str. 4-6
10963 Berlin

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Feb 19 09:30
Driving transformation in challenging times
Feb 19 11:20
Connected buildings
Feb 19 11:20
Artificial intelligence
Feb 19 11:20
Successfully shaping change
Feb 19 11:20
Lab sessions (Day 1)
Feb 19 11:20
Exhibition sessions (Day 1)
Feb 19 13:50
Feb 19 13:50
Feb 19 15:10
Feb 19 15:10
The construction industry is finally ripe for digital disruption, but digitalization can turn existing challenges to innovation potential and future business opportunities. In this session we will discuss the latest market developments and initiatives to drive and be part of these market opportunities.
Feb 19 15:10
BCX pitches
Join 700+ developers of Bosch ConnectedExperience (BCX), pitching their prototypes in front of the entire hackathon audience. The teams will pitch in six categories: Manufacturing, Mobility, Home & Building, Cross domain solutions, data driven solutions, and Tech4Climate. In each category, seven pre-selected teams will compete against each other to become the category winner. The six winning teams will be selected based on the decision of the hack coaches (60%) and the audience vote (40%).
Feb 19 16:30
Technology as a disruptive force
Technology innovation is happening at ever increasing speed, enabling new and distruptive business models. The CTO keynote session is looking at some of the latest developments in the evolution of technology, and will evaluate their disruptive potential. IIoT and AI are the foundation, 5G will be showcased using a manufacturing pilot project and an outlook into the opportunities of quantum computing will round up the session.
Feb 20 09:00
Intelligent transportation systems
Connected transportation is creating new opportunities for personal travel experience, as well as the efficient movement of goods. This session will look at the disruptive trends in mobility and transportation including the current state of CASE for automotive, beyond trains: multi-modal transportation and smart cities, vehicle2infrastructure and the electrification of the aviation.
Feb 20 10:50
Mobility is so much more than just car-sharing apps. This session will bring together high level, international speakers addressing innovative parking solutions, the aspect of real estate and infrastructure design, as well as climate change, autonomous driving and mobility as a service.
Feb 20 10:50
Digital twin
Digital twin is maturing from vague buzzword towards becoming the foundation for holistic Product Lifecycle Management. This session will show use cases on what happens when more complex things become connected allowing data scientists to use digital equivalents to optimize deployments for peak efficiency.
Feb 20 10:50
Enabling the IoT
Enabling IoT requires new methods of collaboration and infrastructure across multiple domains. This keynote examines the view that “nobody can do I(o)T alone.” It also addresses the following key questions: Is the infrastructure public or private? Are the software stacks proprietary or open source? Who are the stakeholders behind the IoT: companies, government authorities, or citizens themselves? Join representatives from the fields of telecommunications, industrial and open source, as well as members of society and academia to discuss the different perspectives on how we can go about I(o)T to create desired value and scale up IoT business.
Feb 20 10:50
Lab sessions (Day 2)
Join the sessions at the Lab Stage and become an active part of the content. Digital transformation experts, strategists and influencers share their best practices and innovative ideas in an interactive setting.
Feb 20 10:50
Exhibition sessions (Day 2)
To enhance your overall exhibition and networking experience join the exhibition sessions where you will have the chance to gain a deeper understanding of all the use cases and strategies the Exhibition Partners are showcasing at their booths.
Feb 20 12:50
How can data driven farming, the IoT and AI take the guesswork out of farming? This session will look at the different aspects of the agriculture value network and not only focus on the mother of uncertainty, the weather, but also on data driven knowledge and influence on plant growth state and diseases.
Feb 20 12:50
5G in action
Looking beyond the current 5G hype, this session will provide practical guidelines for early 5G adoption and corporate 5G strategies. Experience in this session best practices about planning, licenses, deployment, operational models and how to get started with your private 5G campus network for use cases from the industrial, manufacturing and logistics domain.
Feb 20 12:50
Social impact
Tech companies are changing the world – but how can tech be utilized to help enhancing society and creating a positive social impact? How can the scaling effects of modern tech be utilized to address some of society`s most pressing problems, including hunger, health, education and environmental challenges?
Feb 20 14:20
This session will take a deep dive into CO2 and climate change. A special focus will be on how new and potentially disruptive technologies can help to minimize climate change and its impact. How can big companies become CO2 neutral?

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