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At the most sinister corner of the internet is the Dark Web and its variety of illegal marketplaces, forums, and services. The Dark Web may be accessed for both legitimate purposes and to conceal criminal or other malicious activities. This hands-on 5-day course will teach you Dark Web strategies and techniques on how to investigate crimes and capture evidence.

You will practice how to navigate within the many layers of the Dark Web to discover criminal and terror organizations, illegal marketplaces, weapons dealers, and more. Also, you will practice how to create and use a life-like persona that will withstand scrutiny.

You will learn the importance and impact of chat rooms related to domestic and international terrorism and criminal activity, auctions, locations, transactions, and etiquette. Furthermore, you will explore the various marketplace models and niches, cryptocurrencies used on the Dark Web, marketplace takedowns, and critical vendors. You will practice how buyers and sellers on the Dark Web transact business under the cloak of anonymity and how to create a vendor account, list, and publish products, services, and data.

For criminals that use the Dark Web, cryptocurrency is the ideal method to launder proceeds of illegal activities. You will explore activities such as money-laundering, tax evasion, drug trafficking, purchasing of illicit drugs, and extortion. You will learn the basics of cryptocurrency transactions. Besides, you will practice Cold Storage, BIP38, BIP39, and seizing cryptocurrencies during the class.

Complimentary Software

  • Attendees will get 1 Year Unlimited access to Tomoko Discovery and access to a frequently updated list of hundreds of free online investigation tools.

Course Highlights

  • Get started with Tor
  • Tor routing protocols and security features
  • Cloud Desktops
  • Access the Dark Web safely and anonymously
  • Navigate within the many layers of the Dark Web
  • Dig through hidden Wiki’s and search engines
  • Dark Web persona basics
  • Public Key Encryption (EPKE) / Private Key Decryption
  • Get intelligence that can be found in Dark Web Forums and Chat Rooms
  • Use the language, culture, and etiquette of the Dark Web
  • Understand various marketplace models and niches
  • Crime as a Product Marketplace
  • Counterfeit Marketplaces
  • Weapon Marketplaces
  • Drug Marketplaces
  • P Marketplaces
  • Apple Marketplaces
  • Samsung Marketplaces
  • Credit Card Marketplaces
  • ID Theft Marketplaces
  • Citizenship Marketplaces
  • Driver License Marketplaces
  • Passport Marketplaces
  • Tier 2 Marketplaces
  • Specialty Product Marketplaces
  • Use cryptocurrencies on the Dark Web
  • Identify key Darknet Vendors
  • How some Darknet vendors got caught
  • Create a vendor account
  • List and publish products, services, and data.
  • How to seize cryptocurrencies
  • Track bitcoin transactions
  • Navigate Dark Web Drug Markets
  • Crime as a Service Marketplaces
  • Human Trafficking on the Dark Web
  • Red Rooms, Pay Per Torture and more
  • Hit Man, Rape, and other services
  • And more….
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Florida, United States


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Omni Resort, Championsgate, Orlando, FL, USA
1500 Masters Blvd, Championsgate, FL 33896, EE. UU.

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