Crypto Fest 2019 SeptemberSep 07 2019 Europe/MadridCape Town, Sudáfrica


Bitcoin Events is delighted to be hosting South Africa’s first Crypto Festival in Cape Town on 7 September 2019.

There’s been a lot of renewed interest in cryptocurrencies in Africa and globally, and the Crypto Festival will highlight the exciting opportunities that cryptocurrencies offer individuals and organisations: from investing, trading, mining and transacting to privacy, security, price volatility, tokenisation of assets, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs).

South Africa is at the forefront of crypto adoption. It has the highest percentage, 10.7%, of internet users owning cryptocurrencies, twice the global average of 5.5%, according to a recent international survey by social media management firm Hootsuite in partnership with London-based WeAreSocial.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have certainly changed the way we think about money, privacy, investments, payments and more. Cryptocurrencies are a disruptive innovation that numerous start-ups and individuals are leveraging, along with blockchain technology, to build innovative products and services for consumers and businesses alike.

We are expecting about 150-200 attendees from various backgrounds and industries at the Crypto Festival: crypto exchanges, payment systems, investment firms, mining operations, trading enthusiasts and companies, ICOs and IEOs, legal practitioners, crypto enthusiasts, blockchain developers, thought leaders, industry innovators and entrepreneurs.

Grab your Early Adopter ticket now for ONLY R450!

The Crypto Festival call for papers is open

Our call for papers is now open, so don’t miss this opportunity to share your insights and expertise with our audience by submitting your paper now.

For more information on the Crypto Festival, visit Cryptofest or email the team at info@blockchainafrica.co

About Bitcoin Events: For the past 5 years, Bitcoin Events has hosted the highly successful Blockchain Africa Conferences in Johannesburg and Cape Town. These conferences have attracted some of the biggest names in blockchain to South African shores.

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Cape Town, Sudáfrica


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Sep 07 11:00
Sep 07 12:00
Welcome Address by the Master of Ceremonies
Sep 07 12:10
Keynote: Trends and Overview of the Crypto Landscape
Excitingly, with the invention of Bitcoin, new global financial systems now exist, that of decentralised cryptocurrencies and tech giant's coins such as Facebooks Libra. How will these new financial systems affect how we live and transact, and how will governments control these new systems?

RICHARD DE SOUSAFounder of AltCoinTrader
Sep 07 12:40
Psychology of the Crypto Markets: Insights for Investors and Traders
Sep 07 13:00
Crypto Battle Arena: Battle of the Coins
Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) Moderator: James Preston Many different opinions exist in the crypto community on which bitcoin is the true bitcoin: which is the most efficient payment system, what is the most efficient block size limit and which of these are as per Satoshi Nakamoto's Whitepaper, 'Bitcoin, A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System'. The moderator will introduce each speaker and the topic for discussion. Each participant will make their case for the bitcoin they support after which each will have the opportunity to respond to the other participants. The audience will have the opportunity to answer a question that the moderator will ask via our Twitter event hashtag, #CryptoFest2019 and the best answer will be answered by the participants.

WARREN GRAYPartner at BlockStartersROCELO LOPESFounder of CoinBR, CEO of Stratum and CoinPYJAMES PRESTONManaging Editor at SA CryptoLORIEN GAMAROFFFounder/CEO of Bankymoon and Co-founder/CEO of Centbee
Sep 07 14:00
Crypto Investment and Why We Built Revix
Sep 07 14:15
Moving Money Reimagined: Laying the Foundation for the Banks of the Future
Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have been lauded for some time now as the technology that will change the way we move, interact and think about money. Laying new rails takes time. How and why will the banks of the future incorporate blockchain technology, XRapid and XRP?

JURGEN KUHNELCo-founder and CEO of Xago
Sep 07 14:30
The Next Order of Magnitude
Bitcoin has passed many milestones over its ten-year lifespan going from zero to an all-time high of $20,000 in price. With the next halving event scheduled for 2020, Simon looks ahead at the next five years for the king of crypto, and what the future holds for adoption, payments and the altcoin arena.

SIMON DINGLECEO of Inves Capital, South Africa Radio Presenter
Sep 07 14:45
VALR.com: Learnings From Building a Cryptocurrency Exchange
Building a cryptocurrency exchange has as much to do with understanding the current financial system as it does the new. Get a behind the scenes perspective with VALR's CEO who will discuss the journey from idea to launch, its success and challenges, and the highs and lows.

FARZAM EHSANICEO and Co-Founder of VALR.com
Sep 07 15:00
The Affect News Media Has on Day Trading
Sep 07 15:20
Crypto Battle Arena: Whales vs. the Small Fish
How do whales manipulate the price of crypto? What tactics do they use? Are they pumping and dumping crypto? Do whales work together? Are whales known to the crypto community? How do the dolphins differ from the whales? Do the small fish have a chance? Price manipulation tactics occur in every market and are illegal in regulated markets which is not the case in the current crypto unregulated market. This battle will look at how whales influence the crypto market and what tactics they use to create FOMO in the market.

GRAEME TENNANTFinancial Analyst at AvantCore (Pty) Ltd and Crypto SA
Sep 07 16:00
Crypto Fund vs. Traditional Funds
The STRATUMBLUE Token (BLU) represents a selection of the 10 largest cryptocurrencies, chosen by following a market capitalisation index strategy plus a minor selection of cryptocurrencies and crypto-related assets using an active strategy. Having an accessible crypto portfolio has never been this easy.

ROCELO LOPESFounder of CoinBR, CEO of Stratum and CoinPY
Sep 07 16:20
Crypto for Social Good
Using cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology for good. Introducing BitGive and Blockchain for Humanity.

VOJTECH SIMETKACo-founder of Blockchain for Humanity and GivethCONNIE GALLIPPIFounder and Executive Director at BitGive Foundation
Sep 07 16:40
Opportunities for Investing in Cryptocurrencies as an Asset Class
How do crypto assets feature in future portfolios and what is the ultimate combination? DCX10 combines the top 10 Crypto Assets weighted by market cap and makes a compelling case as a secure, diversified, liquid investment.

EARLE LOXTONFounder at DCX Capital
Sep 07 17:00
Crypto Battle Arena: Libra Coin: What Does it Mean for Crypto?
Moderator: Farzam Ehsani Is Facebook's entrance into the crypto market the best thing to happen in crypto? Is Facebook becoming too powerful? Does it legitimize the crypto space and move the conversation forward because of the threat that Libra now brings to the establishment? What threats exist for consumers and regulators alike? This battle will consider the various pros and cons of Libra, what it means for the crypto industry, consumers and regulators including the impact on other cryptocurrencies.

TSHEPO MAGOMAFinancial Performance Management Consultant at EOHGRAEME TENNANTFinancial Analyst at AvantCore (Pty) Ltd and Crypto SAFARZAM EHSANICEO and Co-Founder of VALR.comPROF. ANGELA ITZIKOWITZDirector at ENSafrica’s Banking and Finance Department
Sep 07 17:30
Closing Address, Competitions and Giveaways
Sep 07 17:50
After Party

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