Data Leaders Summit Europe 2019 OctoberOct 23 2019 - OctoberOct 24 2019 Europe/MadridBerlin, Europe


Data Leaders Summit Europe gathers Chief Data Officers, Chief Analytics Officers and Chief Data Scientists from Europe’s largest companies.

Build a scalable end-to-end data strategy that delivers on business transformation goals and unlocks greater ROI at THE meeting place to benchmark your people, processes and technology with the best in Europe.

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Berlin, Europe


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Oct 23 08:00
Registration And Networking Coffee
Oct 23 08:40
Welcome Address: Lucy Bradley, Editorial Director, Worldwide Business Research
Oct 23 08:45
Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
Oct 23 08:55
Opening Keynote: Driving success with machine learning: How to leverage the latest techniques and rapidly scale data-driven decision making to transform internal processes and identify new opportunities
Oct 23 09:15
Spotlight on Innovation - Fuelling the enterprise with amplified intelligence: How can you equip business experts with AI tools to empower your people and boost cross-departmental proficiencies?
Oct 23 09:35
Panel Discussion - Overcoming black box analytics: How can you build explainable AI in-house to increase trust with transparent data models and secure board backing to further automate the enterprise?
Oct 23 10:15
Keynote Case Study - Enabling elite performance from C-Suite to machine room: How can the c-suite and data practitioners best work together to improve company performance?
Oct 23 10:35
Fire Side Chat - How to find a north star metric to guide your organisation and stay ahead of the curve in rapidly evolving markets
Oct 23 10:55
Morning Coffee Break
Oct 23 11:25
Customer Case Study: Succeeding with data democracy through complete employee empowerment
Oct 23 11:45
360 Panel Discussion - Succeeding with rapid experimentation and deployment: What are the critical success factors in organising your people, processes and technologies to successfully implement agile workflows across the business?
Oct 23 12:20
Fire Side Chat: Driving impact at scale with matrixed teams: How can you transform your analytics department with new ways of working to extract greater value from data
Oct 23 12:40
Spotlight on Innovation: How to bring ML into production on a global scale and deliver a strategic portfolio of data products that matches organization-wide business objectives
Oct 23 13:00
Lightning Talk 1. Aligning your data strategy with business objectives: How to implement a scalable data strategy to build a strong foundation for in-house analytics whilst fuelling data-driven innovation
Oct 23 13:00
Lightning Talk 2. Exploring the problem with POCs: How can you avoid transformation failure?
Oct 23 13:00
Lightning Talk 3. Increase speed to market: How to build a cross-functional team to productionise data science and deliver automated decision-making at pace and scale
Oct 23 13:00
Lightning Talk 4. Generating value from data: How to succeed in data monetisation with innovative data products and services that create new revenue streams for your business
Oct 23 13:35
Networking Lunch Break
Oct 23 13:30
Exclusive CDO & CAO Lunch: How you can secure board-level support to deliver on your data and AI transformation goals?
Oct 23 14:35
Case Study Interactive - Personalising CX: How to extract actionable insights from digital data sets to better understand and deliver on your customer needs
Oct 23 14:35
Case Study Interactive: How to build business partnerships across the organisation to identify value-add areas for data analytics and drive digital transformation
Oct 23 14:35
Synergy Workshop: How can you best leverage AI applications for accurate business monitoring?
Oct 23 14:35
Synergy Workshop
Oct 23 15:10
Synergy Workshop: Succeeding with data science and software engineering: What are the best methods and technologies to successfully get your data models from design into production at pace and scale?
Oct 23 15:10
Spotlight on Innovation: Exploring comprehensive analysis of growing data stores: How data leaders can turn big data into their biggest asset to propel company performance
Oct 23 15:10
Panel Discussion: How can you optimise cross-channel customer journeys with personalised customer campaigns that drive loyalty and boost conversion rates?
Oct 23 15:20
Case Study Interactive: Successfully implementing an integrated approach to data and analytics: Developing business partnerships and achieving synergies from an end-to-end value chain
Oct 23 15:50
Afternoon Networking Break
Oct 23 16:20
Case Study Interactive: How can you best leverage analytics to automate decision making and make informed investments to optimize your marketing strategy
Oct 23 16:50
Case Study Interactive - Succeeding with co-creation: How can you partner with business leaders and build trust to unlock the full potential of advanced analytics across your business to boost the bottom line?
Oct 23 17:30
Innovation Keynote: How to build and scale a data-driven culture to transform internal processes and leverage new opportunities
Oct 23 17:50
Chairperson’s Closing Remarks
Oct 23 17:55
Oktoberfest Networking Drinks Reception
Oct 24 08:00
Registration And Networking Coffee
Oct 24 08:50
Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
Oct 24 09:00
Opening Keynote Interview: How can increased diversity and inclusion within your data department give you a completive advantage and enable you to deliver superior results for the business?
Oct 24 09:20
Panel Discussion: How to organise your data office to deliver greater business impact and achieve a step change towards a data-first company culture
Oct 24 10:05
Spotlight on Innovation: How can you best demonstrate the value of data-driven insights with a scalable framework to unlock the full potential of analytics across the business?
Oct 24 10:25
Case Study: How can you succeed with innovative analytics roadmaps to drive greater cost savings for the business?
Oct 24 10:45
Special Guest Speaker: F1 journey to build its own Business Data Analytics capabilities
Oct 24 11:05
Morning Networking Break
Oct 24 11:40
Inspirational Keynote: How to leverage real-time analytics to better track and respond to market trends and give your business a competitive edge
Oct 24 12:00
Case Study - Transforming the enterprise with digitalization: How to drive process automation to analyze, visualize and transfer data into action at pace
Oct 24 12:20
Innovation Interview: How to leverage predictive analytics to determine future customer demands and use these insights in your product development to be first to market
Oct 24 12:40
Oxford Style Debate: Exploring the dark side of data democracy: TRUE or FALSE – You should limit the level of data democratisation within your organisation
Oct 24 13:00
Data Leaders Summit Dragons’ Den: Meet 3 start-ups set to revolutionise data science in 2020- Which innovations are best suited to help you gain a competitive edge?
Oct 24 13:30
Networking Lunch
Oct 24 13:30
Women in Data Lunch: How can the data analytics industry better attract, develop and retain top female talent?
Oct 24 14:30
Case Study Interactive - Preventing customer churn: How can you apply deep learning algorithms to customer data to predict future consumer behaviour and provide relevant services that meet and exceed their needs?
Oct 24 14:30
Case Study Interactive - Building data dashboards: How can you develop data visualisation tools to empower your colleagues with self-serve analytics and alleviate increasing pressure on data teams?
Oct 24 14:30
Synergy Workshop: Exploring Agile – Join this interactive workshop and benefit from practical experiences exploring new ways of working and leave with fresh approaches to extracting additional value from your company data
Oct 24 14:30
Creative Boardroom: Unleashing the power of textual data with Natural Language Processing
Oct 24 15:10
Case Study Interactive: How to implement Natural Language Processing (NLP) to enable accurate analysis of unstructured customer data and interpret new opportunities to the business
Oct 24 15:10
Case Study Interactive - Rapid innovation in traditional enterprise environment: How to build large analytics-driven applications to boost agility, increase transparency and reduce time to market
Oct 24 15:50
5 minutes transition into main room
Oct 24 15:55
Panel Revolution - Developing data science for social good: What initiatives can we launch within the data science community to positively impact wider society with key insights?
Oct 24 16:55
Chairperson’s Closing Remarks
Oct 24 17:00
Close of Conference

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