Developer Conference for Ethereum Dapps & Infrastructure AugustAug 20 2019 - AugustAug 22 2019 Europe/MadridTechnial University, Berlin, Germany

DappCon is a nonprofit global developer conference organized by Gnosis. Join us at DappCon and get exclusive access to the EthBerlin conference and TEGG during Berlin Blockchain week.

DappCon focuses on decentralized applications, tooling, and foundational infrastructure on Ethereum. Last year DappCon 2018 brought together more than 600 Ethereum developers, researchers and enthusiasts.

We’re giving it another go this summer and encourage anyone interested in the ecosystem or networking with dapp developers to attend.

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Technial University, Berlin, Germany


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Aug 20 08:30
Doors open
Aug 20 10:00
Designing staking, rewards and slashing
Aug 20 10:30
Aug 20 11:00
Build and operate layer-2 dapps on Ethereum Mainnet
Aug 20 11:30
The road to scalability
Aug 20 12:30
Lunch break
Aug 20 13:30
Taking back the web with Embark
Aug 20 14:00
Ultra light client: incubed, gas-based voting tool: opinionator, smart contract structure analyzer: Piet
Aug 20 14:30
Why zkSNARKS aren't enough: Taking a holistic approach to privacy
Aug 20 15:00
The legaly - compliant DAO: More hype that substance
Aug 20 16:00
Refreshment break
Aug 20 16:30
Burners and DAOGs
Aug 20 17:00
Smart wallets: Interplay UX and contract design decisions
Aug 20 17:30
Look at my flashy colors and rounded corners!
Aug 20 18:00
Happy Hour
Aug 21 08:30
Doors Open
Aug 21 09:45
Welcome Day 2
Aug 21 10:00
Epicenter Live
Aug 21 10:45
MolochDAO has risen, now what?
Aug 21 11:20
Governance design for positive stakeholders engagement and preventing contemptous hard forks during platforms upgrade
Aug 21 12:00
Tales of governance: DAOs, Swarms and anarchic systems
Aug 21 12:30
Lunch Break
Aug 21 13:45
crowd-sourced oracles, parasites and forkonomics
Aug 21 14:45
Multi-conditional tokens as new crypto primitive
Aug 21 15:45
Aug 21 15:45
refreshment break
Aug 21 16:00
How Zero-Knowledge proof can help you dapp
Aug 21 16:30
An Overview of technologies used for building permissionless exchanges
Aug 21 17:00
How to measure success?
Aug 21 18:00
Dappcon party
Aug 22 09:30
Doors Open
Aug 22 10:00
Building fast, descentrilsed webs apps and frontends
Aug 22 11:00
Building MetaTransaction powered applications with Open Zeppelin and starter kit
Aug 22 12:00
Lunch Break
Aug 22 13:30
Bringing data privacy to Ethereum apps with Enigma
Aug 22 14:30
How to analyse Ethereum data and share your results in minutes
Aug 22 15:30
How to build a descentralized chat app with 3Box

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