Fintech and Cryptocurrency Transformation MarchMar 15 2022 Europe/MadridOnline


Digital currencies, decentralization of money, and the growth of new technologies like blockchain, the Internet of Things, and machine learning have produced new opportunities and difficulties for banking and finance, as well as users of these services in electronic commerce. New banking and finance technologies may improve operational efficiency, risk management, compliance, and client pleasure, but they can decrease barriers and introduce new concerns, such as cybersecurity risk.

Cryptocurrencies with smart contracts for payments and trading, as well as AI systems with adaptive algorithms that allow picture and speech recognition, expert judgement, group categorization, and forecasting in a variety of fields, are instances of increased automation. Simultaneously, the potentials pose risks and raise regulatory concerns. The rise of blockchain technology and its widespread use have had a significant impact on the operation and management of digital systems. At the same time, researchers and practitioners have paid close attention to digital finance. Blockchain's first applications were limited to the production of digital currency, but it has now been expanded to include financial and commercial applications. Innovative digital finance has had a huge impact on business and society since it has been extensively adopted by businesses and consumers (e.g., digital payment, crowdfunding, digital lending, supply chain finance, and robotic consulting). As a result, the goal of this Edited book is to expand and deepen our knowledge of the business possibilities of novel blockchain and digital financial applications.

Chapters relevant to the topic are invited, including but not limited to following:

1. Fintech and the digital transformation of financial services

2. Digital technologies are reshaping payments, lending, insurance and wealth management

3. Cryptocurrencies transformation in the Fintech

4. Cryptocurrencies a challenge for government

5. Blockchain Use Cases for Inclusive Fintech

6. Cryptocurrencies, Digital Currencies, and Distributed Ledger Technologies

7. Blockchain and Financial Market Innovation

8. Fintech Crypto currencies & Blockchain

9. Fintech and Future of banking

10. Islamic Fintech opportunities and challenges

11. Fintech, blockchain and Islamic finance

12. Blockchain and artificial intelligence: the new trend for Fintech innovations.

13. Cryptocurrency and data technology and Fintech

14. Financial technology and the future of banking

15. Fintech: The Impact on Consumers and Regulatory Responses

16. Fintech in the Financial services

17. Fintech is transforming banking in India

18. Fintech and Financial Services Super App

19. Neo banks and Hyper personalization of banking

20. Digital Payment and MSMEs

21. Hybrid Banking Models

22. Voice bots and Customer services in Banking

23. Fintech role in delivery various government schemes

24. Fintech and Finical Inclusions

25. Fintech Segments and Investment techs

26. Fintech and Consumer Adoption

27. Fintech IT security and privacy

28. Fintech and User experience

29. Cryptocurrencies’ and Digital Currencies

30. Cryptocurrencies and taxation

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