Hyperledger 5th Anniversary Panel Series NovemberNov 16 2020 - DecemberDec 17 2020 Europe/MadridOnline


Hyperledger first launched in December 2015 with founding members IBM, J.P. Morgan, Accenture and DTCC, among several others. Fast forward to today and, 16 projects later, Hyperledger has been the fastest growing project at the Linux Foundation.

As a way to celebrate this milestone, Hyperledger has planned a 5-week panel discussion series with many Hyperledger member companies and other leaders in the community. Five panels, one a week, focused on various topics related to enterprise blockchain.

November 16: Open Fireside Chat: Grading the First Five Years of Hyperledger

  • Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director, Hyperledger
  • Michael Del Castillo, Associate Editor, Forbes

Michael del Castillo of Forbes and Brian Behlendorf talk one on one about the original objectives for Hyperledger and what’s been achieved, changed, failed, and/or removed in the years since the project began.

November 17: Five Years of Hyperledger: What’s the current impact and where will we drive change next?

In 2020, discussions around governance, scaling and managing blockchain networks continued, but we also saw deeper interest in identity and supply chain use cases, given the struggle with COVID-19. This webinar will include company leaders who have been involved in Hyperledger since the early days, and can provide unique perspectives into the growth, hurdles, and challenges that come along with a layered, complex community and a vastly applicable nascent technology. They’ll speak to it from their own experience, where they think the current opportunities are and where Hyperlegder and enterprise blockchain is headed.

November 24: Examining Blockchain’s Transformative Role in Digitising Trade and Trade Finance

One of the world’s pressing challenges and opportunities is realising the full benefits of digital trade – for everyone, everywhere. COVID-19 highlighted the fragility of global trade’s reliance on paper-based processes and the pandemic has added urgency to the need for a resilient rebuild of digitisation of the global trade ecosystem. Since its inception five years ago, Hyperledger technologies have played a key role towards achieving this goal.

In this panel, you will hear from the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) on its major new initiative to establish a globally harmonised, digitised trade environment. Hyperledger members and blockchain leaders will discuss the development and state of blockchain solutions for trade and trade finance today.

December 1: Blockchain’s Role in the Face of Disruption

2020 has rewritten the rules to almost everything, and there’s nothing like disruption to drive change and even innovation. From short-term responses to crises, like PPE shortages or raging wildfires and hurricanes, to longer term planning for increased accountability and transparency in managing supply chains and addressing climate change, new and increasingly urgent use cases have emerged for blockchain in the past nine months. And more complexity and change is on the horizon as the world tries to refind its footing, navigating vaccine development and distribution, economic recovery and continued climate challenges. This panel will look at some of the ways blockchain is already at work addressing the challenges of 2020 as well as at the work that lies ahead.

December 9: The Future of Money: Bringing CBDC’s and Other Virtual Currencies to Reality

Distributed ledger technologies can without doubt deliver on the mechanics of peer-to-peer transactions. The real issue is creating an ecosystem with a level of transparency and security that consumers, regulators and companies trust. The closer you move to central banks and fiat currencies, the higher the barriers to buy-in and deployment. This panel will cover current and future initiatives as well as the technology, business and regulatory requirements and challenges at play in the efforts to bring new payment and currency models to market on both the wholesale and retail level.

December 15: The Next Five Years of Enterprise Blockchain, Hyperledger and Beyond

Over the last five years, we’ve seen a swirl of blockchain activity, with peaks of buzz, troughs of disillusionment and, in between, real progress on enterprise adoption. But, by most accounts, we are just starting to see the potential of blockchain for business. So what comes next? In this panel, we’ve gathered leaders from technology, academia and finance to debate what comes next. Topics will include:

  • Blockchain’s role in tackling the biggest challenges ahead, including Climate Change, health credentials, financial inclusion, digital identity, fake news and more
  • Network trends: public vs private; cross chain transactions; multiparty systems and blockchain’s place in the stack; consortia, standards and governance
  • Technologies and start-ups to watch.
  • Thoughts on what might a fully blockchain-enabled future look like

December 17: 5th Anniversary Networking Celebration Session

Speakers include:

  • Chris Ferris, IBM Fellow, CTO Open Technology, IBM
  • David Treat, Senior Manager Director, Accenture
  • Dan O’Prey, Chief Strategy Officer, Digital Asset
  • Oswald Kuyler, Managing Director, Digital Standards Initiative
  • Mark Cudden, CTO, We.trade
  • Atul Patel, Co-founder, Dltledgers; Vice-Chair, Hyperledger Trade Finance Special Interest Group
  • Parm Sangha, Global Blockchain Leader for Trade & Trade Finance, IBM
  • Gigo Joseph, VP, Blockchain Services, Chainyard
  • Heather Flannery, Founder & CEO, ConsenSys Health
  • Martin Wainstein, Yale Openlab, Open Earth Foundation & Open Climate
  • Rob Palatnick, Managing Director of Global Head of Technology Research and Innovation at DTCC; Chairman of Hyperledger Board
  • Sandra Ro, CEO, GBBC
  • Alissa Worley, Global Marketing Director – Blockchain, Accenture
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