Internet of Things India Expo 2020 FebruaryFeb 19 2020 - FebruaryFeb 21 2020 Europe/MadridNew Delhi, India


Industry leaders will converge at IoT India 2020 expo to impact global industry trends, demonstrate the latest solutions and highlight viable opportunities.

IoT is changing the world around us, and, with ‘Digital India’ and the ‘Smart Cities Mission,’ is using technologies to offer a slew of smart services that are efficient, sustainable, accessible and affordable. Smart city solutions such as smart transportation, smart infrastructure, smart energy, smart communications, smart lighting, etc., function using integrated technologies, such as IoT, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. These solutions reduce costs for governments, citizens and enterprises alike. Enterprise and industrial markets are poised to become the biggest areas where the Internet of Things will be implemented. IoT India 2020 expo will explore the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) on industries, such as manufacturing, transport, supply chain, insurance, logistics, government, energy and automotive. With 1.9 bn devices expected to be connected in India alone, by 2025, IoT and related technologies will assume unparalleled significance. Across sectors, we will see power grids, vehicles, homes, entire cities and manufacturing floors being connected. IoT India 2020 expo will focus on the fast-growing IoT infrastructure in India. With a special focus on automation, M2M communication, interoperability, analytics, new business models, this is the must-attend industrial event.

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New Delhi, India


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Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India

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Feb 19 11:30
Opening Session: 5G: Where are we at?
Discussion points:
Current state of Policy and regulations
Aligning 5G tech and policies
How will 5G impact productivity and economic growth?
Identifying the macroeconomics of a 5G fuelled economy
How markets will be disrupted?
Spectrum availability and utilisation
Feb 19 11:30
Opening Session: IoT: Invented for connected world
Discussion points:
Journey till now and future roadmap
Scaling up from pilots to large-scale IoT business
Current and future business models
From the Internet of Things to an Economy of Things
Driving innovation for IoT
Big data, AI and ML for IoT
Convergence of Blockchain and the IoT Paradigms
IoT security
Feb 19 11:30
Opening Session: Exploring the era of digital money
Discussion points:
Fintech innovations
Policy and regulatory environment
Market growth, real road blocks and solutions
UPI India's mega gamechanger
The move to mobile money
Security at fingertips
Blockchain's Influence on Digital Money
National initiatives transforming the Fintech sector
Feb 19 13:00
Networking lunch
Feb 19 14:00
The infrastructure roadblock and economics of 5G in India
Feb 19 14:00
Cities of future through IoT (1400-1530)
Discussion points:
IoT as a growth enabler for smart cities
The levers of IoT growth
Business value of IoT in smart cities
Impact of IoT on smart cities
Key applications of IoT in smart cities
Dimensions of IoT adoption in smart cities
Need of IoT policy framework for smart cities
Feb 19 14:00
Financial Inclusion (1400-1530)
Discussion points:
Fintech's global impact on the unbanked and underbanked
Partnership models for achieving universal financial inclusion
Role of technology in advancing financial inclusion
Is end of the unbanked is a visible milestone?
How should government and the financial sector harness the ingenuity of entrepreneurs, and local and international innovation communities, to meet inclusive growth goals?
Feb 19 14:30
Networking tea break
Feb 19 15:00
Intelligence-led big data analytics in a 5G world
Discussion points:
Why the combined effect of 5G, IoT and Big Data Analytics can enable us to better understand the unprecedented tsunami of data generated every second?
How this convergence will pave the path for Intelligence-led Big Data Analytics?
How the convergence of 5G cellular, IoT and Big Data Analytics has the potential to change processes?
Feb 19 15:00
IoT evolving healthcare
Discussion points:
IoT to create healthcare revolution
Empower the Healthcare vision 2030
Role of Artificial Intelligence
Intelligent population health for next-gen patient care
Data security in healthcare
Role of Blockchain
Feb 19 15:00
Digital lending
Discussion points:
Policy and regulatory framework
Marketplace lending to see what does the future hold?
Re-engineering the mortgage industry
Financial inclusion to profitably serve the unbanked and underbanked market
Expanding the use of data & analytics i.e. big data, AI and cognitive computing
Implication for banks and data providers
Credit scoring models
Feb 19 16:15
Networking tea break
Feb 19 16:30
Ensuring the 5G Revolution is a Success from all cornerstones
Discussion points:
How to build win-win cooperation for industry players in the 5G era?
What approaches are being taken in different regions?
Virtual, augmented and mixed reality in a 5G environment?
How the 5G revolution will drive future innovations of IoT?
New Networks, New Risks: How to keep your networks secure?
How 5G will change the Mobile App Development Landscape?
Feb 20 10:00
Opening session: Embracing the OTT revolution
Discussion points:
Impact of a changed 'New OTT• world
Policies and regulation environment
Investment opportunities
Domestic vs International market
Why OTT has a bright future in India?
How do advertisers look at OTT platforms?
Feb 20 10:00
Industry 4.0
Discussion points:
Opportunities and roadmap for deployment for industry 4.0
Importance of digital transformation for manufacturers
Government initiatives to help implement industry 4.0 across industries
Role of data to change the face of manufacturing
The barriers between Business, Engineering & Technology
Industrial revolution 4.0
Re-skilling fill the gaps due to technology change
Safety & Security for Implementation of Industry 4.0
Feb 20 10:00
Opening Session: Unlocking AI and blockchain full potential
Discussion points:
Journey till now and future roadmap
What's in it for enterprise and why companies are adopting emerging technologies
Role in the digital world economy
Regulatory framework and tax implications
Investors perspective in blockchain and AI
Future of fintech industry through blockchain and AI
Feb 20 11:00
Overwhelming OTT: Telcos growth strategy in a digital world
Discussion points:
The growing force or changing face of digital
Cannibalizing voice and messaging'offering more for less
Increasing demand for communication infrastructure'broadband-access hype
Value chain takeover'new technologies and increasing competition
Implications and opportunities for telcos
Building up scalable partnerships
Feb 20 11:45
Networking tea break
Feb 20 12:00
A new matrix for OTT business
Discussion points:
Disruption in the Indian TV market
Investment priorities
Shift of business models
Future of Indian media and entertainment
Competition and complementation
New players, new ideas and strategies
Getting consumers to pay
One subscriber, many users
OTT Apps
Feb 20 12:00
Embedded technologies for IoT
Discussion points:
Challenges of designing an embedded IoT hardware system
Engineering and design of hardware, software in embedded systems
The Internet of Things (IoT) & embedded connectivity
Design tools for electronics and embedded systems
Safety & security focus in embedded systems and its applications
Recent developments in embedded systems
Feb 20 12:00
AI and Blockchain use cases in service sector
Discussion points:
Blockchain and AI for banking and financial services
Blockchain and AI for governance
Blockchain and AI for supply chain
Blockchain and AI for healthcare
Blockchain and AI for infrastructure
Feb 20 13:15
Networking lunch
Feb 20 14:00
How OTT players are capitalizing on AI?
Discussion points:
Insights on customer behaviour
Better content pricing
Conceptualization Made Easy
Optimization of OTT Delivery Network
Taking viewing experience to next level
Dubbing and subtitling impact
Feb 20 14:00
Changing education landscape with IoT
Discussion points:
Global shifts in skills and competency requirements
Advancements of new ideologies affecting the nature and structure of business and skills
The role of IoT in skills development
Sustainable skills development with technology
Global shifts in production paradigms and skills evolution
Policy and institutional reforms
Feb 20 14:00
AI, machine learning and big data
Discussion points:
Policy framework to corelate the data and success of AI
Predictive analytics
Changing the skill set
The online and offline worlds are merging
Importance of capturing and managing real-time data
Legal and ethical issues for companies to innovate
Feb 20 14:45
Original Content: Capturing India's next billion subscribers
Discussion points:
Video trends, forecast and statistics
Market growth strategies
Content discovery and consumption
Western vs Indo content
Regional content growth story
Blockchain empowering content creators
How to identify the Value Gap of the content?
Where do advertisers fit in this game?
Feb 20 14:45
Unlocking the untapped potential of IoT in utilities: IoT - Is the water sector ready?
Discussion points:
Making an economic assessment for water utilities development
Integrating smart water technologies into existing water infrastructure
Strategies for managing and reducing water leakage across the network
Looking at real-time data and cutting-edge communication technologies
New technologies and know-how in IoT and AI for network automation
Feb 20 14:45
AI & blockchain technology benefits together
Discussion points:
Enhancing security
Untangling the way AI thinks
Accessing and managing the data market
Change in supply chain
Social benefits for emerging economics
Feb 20 16:15
Networking tea break
Feb 20 16:30
Decoding kids' genre in OTT space
Discussion points:
Do kids prefer OTT over TV?
Is India set for significant investment and potential shake up?
Disruption in kids
content on OTT platforms
Licensing the content for kids
Streaming safe content
Cognitive development with OTT platforms
Feb 20 16:30
IoT to improve energy management
Discussion points:
Upgradation of the aging infrastructure to improve productivity and connectivity
Creating intelligent energy management
Achieving convenience
Gaining performance insights based on machine learning
Feb 21 10:00
Opening Session: Cyber Security in the age of digital transformation
Discussion points:
Policies and regulations
Cyber laws and compliances
Digital Transformation's impact on security
Emerging threats with emerging disruptive technologies such as 5G, IoT, ML, AI, AR/VR etc.
Hacking and cyber crimes
Feb 21 10:00
Gamethon: The evolving future of gaming
Discussion points:
Unleashing the designing and creativity for compelling gaming experiences
Gaming for good for education, professional training, social awareness campaigns, and more
Dispelling gaming misconceptions
Career avenues gaming
Gaming as sport
The rise of AI and AR/VR induced gaming
Feb 21 10:00
FTTH Summit
Feb 21 10:45
New emerging trends in Cyber Crimes
Discussion points:
Assessing the data breach
Current fraud trends in Financial sector
Securing mobile apps from cyber threats
Online scams and compliance fundamentals
Dark Web & Impacts on cyber security
Feb 21 11:30
Networking tea break
Feb 21 11:45
Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Cyber Security
Discussion points:
Why AI-enabled cybersecurity is increasingly necessary?
How organizations are benefitting from AI in cybersecurity?
Where organizations should focus their cybersecurity initiatives?
Building a roadmap for implementing AI in cybersecurity?
How AI can help organisation in quantifying cyber security risks?
Feb 21 11:45
Decoding the opportunities and challenges for techpreneurs
Discussion points:
Support from government to increase the pool of high growth firms
Policies and regulations for newbies
Data, privacy and trust
Innovative product or service to suit new-age needs
Transition from founder to funder
Investment trends
Feb 21 11:45
FTTH Summit
Feb 21 12:30
Cyber Espionage: The new trend that industries should worry about
Discussion points:
Nation-state cyber espionage
Current trends, tools and impacts
Recent incidences
Possible strategies and countermeasures
Effect on small businesses vs large business
Feb 21 13:15
Lunch & Exhibition Visit

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