Metis Ethereum Hackathon OctoberOct 30 2021 - DecemberDec 30 2021 Europe/MadridOnline


METIS is an Ethereum Layer 2 Optimistic Rollup Platform for Web 3.0 Economy with its own $METIS utility token.

METIS Hackathon's goal is to onboard new quality projects (DApps, DeFi, DAOs, DEXs) into Metis Ecosystem.

Build or port existing Ethereum DApp on Metis Layer 2 and use the following advantages while staying on Ethereum:

  • Low gas fees (as low as cents as opposed to tens of dollars on Ethereum)
  • Fast transactions (seconds as opposed to few minutes on Ethereum)
  • Complete compatibility with Ethereum (EVM) - if you are already on Ethereum you can port to Metis for all the above advantages at no cost and in no time
  • Create your own token (tokenize) without coding
  • Attract investors that are forming DAOs on the METIS platform
  • Participate in Builder Mining Rewards program (get $METIS tokens from every transaction your DApp makes on Metis)
  • Use built-in native IPFS file storage (coming soon!)
  • Use no-code capability to generate smart contracts - Metis will provide one-click deployment from our own pre-developed templates (coming soon!)
  • Fully integrate your DApp into the Web2 website/platform (coming soon!)
  • All Decentralized. All on Ethereum.

Building Dapps on Metis Layer 2 is exactly like building DApps on Ethereum (see the Resources for instructions), so start building new or porting existing DApps and submit your project into one of the following tracks:

  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Projects Track: Build or port Ethereum decentralized finance (DeFi) DApps, Tools, Platforms or infrastructure into EVM-compatible Metis Layer 2
  • Popular Web2 Integrations Track: Build or port DApps, DAOs, tools, or platforms that are similar to the popular Web2 platforms (Uber, Airbnb, Meetup, Eventbrite, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, any other popular ones, or invent your own)  and implement it on EVM-compatible Metis Layer 2.
  • Popular Web3 Metis Integrations Track: Port/integrate popular Web3 Decentralized Apps, DAOs, Tools or platforms (AAVE, Uniswap, OpenSea, etc)*  and implement it on EVM-compatible Metis Layer 2.
  • Decentralized Gaming Track: Design or port blockchain-based games or gaming platforms and more to EVM-compatible Metis Layer 2
  • Digital Art/Collectibles Track: Create Dapps, Tools, and platforms for NFTs creating/minting and trading on Metis Layer 2.
  • United Nations Sustainable Goals Track: Create Dapp, Tool or platform on Metis Layer 2 that is solving one or more of the problems consistent with the eleven UN sustainable goals (no poverty, zero hunger, good health, quality education, gender equality, clean energy, clean water, decent work, innovation, reduced inequalities, sustainable cities, responsible consumption, climate action, world peace, life on land and below water, partnerships for these goals)
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