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5G wireless networks finally will provide the platform businesses and consumers have been waiting for. They’ll be able to deliver or consume services we’ve only dreamed about in science fiction. The mobile device − in all its many forms − will be central to commercial activity. Such “commerce in motion” mandates a frictionless experience. That’s our challenge as an industry and that’s the focus of MPC19.

We help educate business leaders on innovative technologies in FinTech, Mobile Payments and Digital Technology that impact e-commerce, retailers and banking. Explore industry-specific challenges and solutions during keynote presentations with experts from the world’s leading brands. Attendees will learn how to leverage these emerging technologies to transform their businesses and will benefit long afterward as part of an exclusive ongoing network.

The Mobile Payments Conference is an annual forum that brings together the leading experts in the FinTech, Mobile Payments and digital technology industries. Conference attendees will have 2.5 days of immersive learning and networking sponsored by Mobile Marketing and Technology Magazine and our generous partners.
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Aug 26 07:30
Aug 26 09:15
Channel Sales Opportunities for Payment Solutions
Aug 26 09:15
Where’s the Money? Revenue Opportunities in Payment Solutions
Savvy IT channel partners – VARs, MSPs, SIs, agents, etc. – are well aware of the extreme innovation happening in payments technology. The move to chip cards was a windfall for IT solutions providers helping businesses migrate their point-of-sale systems. But the evolution continues and presents a significant opportunity for indirect channel partners to make money selling, implementing and integrating new payment technologies and platforms. In this session, we’ll identify revenue opportunities for partners of various business models and skill sets.


Chester Ritchie, Payment Executive, Private Investor
Bruce Renard, Executive Director, The National ATM Council
Aug 26 10:30
Networking Break
Aug 26 10:45
Time to Cash In with Indirect Sales Channel Programs for Payment Solutions
IT companies have long known the secret to scaling and speeding revenue generation – indirect sales channels. These selling partners have developed trusted relationships with customers and are the ideal advocates for purchasing and driving adoption of new technologies – of which there’s been no shortage in the age of digital transformation. Similarly, the explosion in alternative payments solutions means a crowded market of competitive technologies and providers. In this session, we’ll discuss how to leverage the indirect channel as a smart go-to-market strategy.

Speakers: TBA
Aug 26 12:00
Lunch Break (on your own)
Aug 26 13:00
Welcome & Opening Remarks
Chairperson: Thad Peterson, Senior Analyst, Aite Group
Aug 26 13:10
The Digital Transformation of Payments: What's Next?
What are the key market forces, trends and technologies that are disrupting the retail payments value chain and creating new battlegrounds for all ecosystem participants? In this session, we’ll dissect market developments -- from IoT to tokenization to AI -- and put them in context with the broader shifts occurring in the payments industry.

Moderator: Jordan McKee, Research Director, 451 Research


Soumya Dev Chakrabarty, Director, Global Payments Innovation, Discover Global Network
Donna Embry, Senior Vice President - Global Payment Strategies, Evolve Bank & Trust
Alexandre Pinto, Director of Innovation, ActMinds
Aug 26 13:50
Merchant-centric Mobile Payments & Loyalty Solutions
Mobile wallets just make sense for merchants; it gives them instant access to the customer data they need to sell more products and services. For customers, the value proposition is less clear. What’s in it for them? Smart merchants are answering that question by providing exclusive perks that customers can only get through the wallet. Find out how that’s working to develop loyal customers.

Moderator: Jack Philbin, Vibes


Mark Coffey, Executive Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, Gas Buddy
Alan Paul, Founding Member & Head of Business Development, CARDFREE
Brinn Sanders, Director, Business Development, Lyft
Laura Townsend, Senior Vice President, Operations, Merchant Advisory Group
Aug 26 14:30
KEYNOTE: Mobile Payments In Asia: What Can We Learn for the U.S .Market?
Asian countries have a head start on the rest of the world in mobile payment adoption. Eight in 10 proximity mobile payments users are in Asia – the majority in China, which at 525 million has seven times as many as the No. 2 country, India. While financial policy and market conditions in Asia, and particularly in China, are in contrast to those in the U.S., there are lessons to be learned from their pioneering experiences in mobile payments.

Speaker: TBA
Aug 26 14:50
Networking Break in the Expo Hall
Aug 26 15:35
Remarks & Introductions
Chairperson: Thad Peterson, Senior Analyst, Aite Group
Aug 26 15:45
KEYNOTE: Discover Payments: The Rapid Shift in Consumer Preferences
From networks to merchants, it’s no secret the payments ecosystem is constantly adapting and evolving. Propelled by technological innovation and fueled by consumer demand, new solutions continue to emerge with the goal of creating the perfect payment experience. From ride sharing to in-app food ordering, we are nearing an age where the consumer strictly relies on their smartphone as a form of payment. Enabling digital payment acceptance will be a key volume driver as digital payment options and consumer needs continue to evolve.

Speaker: Alisa Ellis, Vice President - Digital & Emerging Products, Discover Global Network
Aug 26 16:25
Cannabis Conundrum: Solving Payments Problems for an Emerging Multibillion-Dollar Industry
The cannabis industry’s quest for secure, seamless commerce has sparked innovation across the entire multibillion-dollar value chain. Hear from experts who develop and deploy legitimate, digital-first solutions that delight merchants and consumers while staying up-to-date with evolving regulatory environments. Leading mobile app developers and original equipment manufacturers will explain how their solutions improve efficiencies, drive engagement and address the unique requirements of this emerging and highly profitable business environment.

Moderator: Dale Laszig, Senior Staff Writer, The Green Sheet


Dustin Eide, CEO, CanPay
Thomas Gavin IV, Vice Chairman & CEO, CannaTrac
Brianna Moriarty, Partner Development Manager, Star Micronics
Aug 26 17:00
KEYNOTE: Changing Checkout: Merchant Mobile Wallets are the Future of Payments
Merchants around the globe are reimagining the way their customers transact with the help of technology. What if you could identify customers before they make a purchase and improve their shopping experience with personalized offers? In this keynote presentation, LISNR Founder Rodney Williams shares his vision for the future of checkout, the role that merchant-owned mobile wallets will play and how the emerging technology behind LISNR -- powered by sound -- can help deliver frictionless in-store experiences for shoppers and lower transaction fees for merchants.

Speaker: Rodney Williams, Co-founder & CCO, LISNR
Aug 26 17:20
MPC Visionary Award Presentation
The MPC Visionary Award recognizes ingenuity in the financial technology industry that represents a leap forward or reimagination of the payments process. Winners are among the few that can be legitimately described as “game-changers.” The inaugural MPC19 Visionary Award will be presented to MagicCube, which has developed a hardware-free security solution that literally created a new category in payment security.

Presenter: Dale Laszig, Senior Staff Writer, The Green Sheet


Sam Shawki, Co-Founder & CEO, MagicCube
Nancy Zayed, co-Founder & CTO, MagicCube
Aug 26 17:30
Kick-off Cocktail Reception in the Expo Hall
Aug 26 19:00
Digital Wallet Innovation Award Finalists Dinner (by invitation only)
Aug 27 07:30
Registration Open
Aug 27 08:00
Networking Breakfast in the Expo Hall
Aug 27 08:30
Remarks & Introductions
Chairperson: Amy Zirkle, Interim CEO, Electronic Transactions Association (ETA)
Aug 27 08:40
KEYNOTE: Bill Pay Revolution: Mastercard’s Bill Pay Exchange is Live
Consumers are frustrated by today’s fragmented and inconsistent bill pay experience. The complex bill pay ecosystem creates challenges and inefficiencies for billers and financial institutions as well. Can we redraw the lines of what’s possible in bill pay? With new real-time capabilities, the space is indeed being transformed. Come learn how ecosystem partners are working together and leveraging new technologies to create a best-in-class customer experience built for the digital age.

Speaker: Russ Barenboym, Vice President, Product Development & Innovation, North America, Mastercard
Aug 27 09:00
Instant Gratification: Real-Time Payments are Getting Real in the U.S. in 2019
Faster is now. Payments are no longer the equivalent of dialing a rotary phone. But what does instant payment mean consumers? How about for businesses? How do make sense of all the choices? And, what innovations are in the works? Get the 411 on the game-changing developments underway in our payment system from fintech thought leaders.

Moderator: Elizabeth McQuerry, Partner, Glenbrook Partners


Peter Gordon, Head of Growth, Payfi
Steve Ledford, RTP Network Product Executive, The Clearing House
Kassi Quimby, Vice President, Faster Payments Strategy, Federal Reserve System
Rene Schuurman, Global Head of Product Development - Channels, Citibank
Aug 27 09:40
KEYNOTE: Inspired Shopping!
Today’s consumers have more choices than ever before, yet they face increasing choice paralysis. Call it "too much of a good thing. In order to stand out, brands must provide utility, while also genuinely enriching people’s lives. In an era of one-tap checkout and same-day delivery, how can marketers inspire consumers and bring the magic back to the online shopping experience? This session will dive into what retailers must do to show up in authentic ways at every stage of the consumer purchase journey, as well as discuss how the notion of “always-on” inspiration can help build great brands, while empowering shoppers to discover new products and take action.

Speaker: Bill Watkins, U.S. Head of Partnerships, Pinterest
Aug 27 10:00
Networking Break in the Expo Hall
Aug 27 11:05
Living on the Network Edge: Hear From Those Who Not Only Survived But Thrived
Distributed businesses face unique challenges when it comes to doing business at the network edge. In this keynote, you'll learn about the approaches successful companies have taken to address network edge requirements using new technology such as edge compute, IoT and AI. Understand their challenges, how they overcame them, and where they're going next to help prepare your business to address similar changes in a nimble and agile way.

Sponsored by

Moderator: Cliff Duffey, Founder, Board Director & President, Cybera

Panelists: TBA
Aug 27 11:40
KEYNOTE: Protecting Your Digital Innovation: Emerging Risks & Best Practices in Digital Commerce
Kount’s Chief Customer Experience Officer Rich Stuppy will provide insights into how businesses should proactively protect their digital innovations. Mobile commerce continues to introduce new uses cases for customer engagement, customer loyalty, and payments, and each of these avenues must be protected from rapidly evolving fraud trends. Learn best practices for preventing payments fraud, account takeovers, and new account creation fraud.

Speaker: Rich Stuppy, Chief Customer Experience Officer, Kount
Aug 27 13:10
Securing Payments & Earning Trust for Mobile Transactions
Mobile is now part of every consumers’ identity and a primary channel for commerce but not without escalating the security risks faced by both consumers and institutions. In this session, our panel of experts explore the latest authentication advancements to secure mobile payments and tackle the delicate balance between earning customers' trust and delivering a seamless and convenient commerce experience.

Moderator: Sean Sposito, Senior Industry Analyst, Security, Javelin Research & Strategy


Saurabh Bajaj, Chief Product Officer, Feedzai
Michele Dupre’, Group Vice President, Verizon Business Group
Sam Shawki, Founder & CEO, MagicCube
Aug 27 13:50
Payments Revolution: Will Blockchain Networks Replace Legacy Payment Platforms?
Both an opportunity and a threat, blockchain is driving the reinvention of fundamental business interactions. It’s realized the idea of distributed ledger, opening the door to completely new ideas on how we exchange value and view asset ownership in the digital age. As we debate the merits of signing transactions vs. mining transactions to establish trust in the network, the blockchain-powered business network is limited only by the aspirations of current business networks as they evolve. It’s not a technology problem, but a business problem. In this session, we’ll discuss this and other considerations for sustainable blockchain payment system.

Moderator: Nitin Gaur, Director, IBM Worldwide Digital Asset Labs


Angela Angelovska-Wilson, Founding Partner, DLx
Zac Cheah, CEO, Pundi X
Aug 27 14:50
Networking Break in the Expo Hall
Aug 27 15:50
Banking On Mobile Payments: The Role of Financial Institutions on the Future of Mobile Pay
The mobile payment landscape has many different players vying to own the customer experience. Although retailer wallets have by and large been successful, bank wallets have not been as universally adopted. In this session, you’ll hear from leading financial services providers about how digital wallets fit into their strategy, and why they believe there is room for more than one digital wallet solution.

Moderator: Scott Harkey, Global Head of Financial Services & Payment, Levvel


John Piazza, Head of Digital Innovations, MB Financial Bank
Conrad Sheehan, North America Core Payments Lead, Accenture
Aug 27 16:25
Next-Gen Mobility: How 5G and Emerging Mobile Tech Will Reshape Payments & Commerce
Mobile payments have always been about anywhere, anytime transactions. 5G takes that to a whole new level, making the experience faster, easier and cooler! (Holograph, anyone?) In this session, you’ll hear how 5G and other emerging mobile tech like QR codes and biometrics promise to enhance the buying experience with greater speeds, lower costs, higher security, more capabilities, interoperability and better user experiences that are projected to generate trillions of dollars.

Moderator: Greg Wilfahrt, Chief Mobility & Marketing Officer, AP Technology


Jim Ciortan, General Managers - Global Strategic Sales, Braintree, PayPal
Michelle Evans, Head of Digital Consumer, Euromonitor International
Richard Love, CEO, AP Technology
Aug 27 17:00
Aite Group Digital Wallet Innovation Awards Presentation
Aite Group’s inaugural Digital Wallet Innovation Awards will honor and recognize innovation achieved by digital wallet providers that are changing the way that commerce is done. Award recipients are industry leaders that identify and implement new products, capabilities and levels of automation that remove friction and add value to the consumer and merchant commerce experience. They are the pathfinders in the digital payment space.

Presenter: Thad Peterson, Senior Analyst, Aite Group
Aug 28 07:30
Registration Open
Aug 28 08:40
Invisible Payments: New Commerce Models That Make the Payment Transaction Disappear
$78 billion in transactions will be processed annually with invisible payment technologies by 2022, according to Juniper Research. Invisible payment technologies trade cash, debit and credit cards, and wearables for stored digital credentials that make payments automatically without the user having to do anything. It just happens. It’s invisible and instant. In this session, we’ll hear more about emerging models that make transactions disappear.

Speakers: Andrew Radlow, Chief Marketing Officer, Grabango
Aug 28 09:00
Mobile Money in Emerging Markets: Financial Access for the Next 3 Billion
Despite meaningful progress over the last decade, financial inclusion remains an important global issue, particularly in developing economies within Africa, Asia and Latin America. According to The World Bank, 1.7 billion adults worldwide lack access to a bank transaction account. Within the next 10 years, however, more than 3 billion people will connect to the Internet, doubling the online population -- the majority of which will come from the developing world and connect to the web using mobile phones. In this session, our panel of FinTech pioneers explore how this growing global mobile infrastructure is driving massive social and economic change.

Moderator: Andrew B. Morris, Founder & CEO, The Fintech Agenda


Armando Guzman, CEO, Cualix
Justin Hoffman, Executive Vice President, Airfox
Aug 28 09:35
Meet Your New B2B Sales Force: Leveraging Indirect Channels to Drive Revenue
To be successful new payment technologies and platforms must be embraced by users, but in many cases by the merchants and businesses that serve them. Convincing and enabling businesses to adopt a new way of doing business requires a lot of feet on the street, evangelizing, implementing and integrating. Building a direct sales force can be expensive and time-consuming, especially for innovative startups. In this session, we’ll meet technology channel partners that can speed your time to market and become a cost-effective front line in your sales force.

Moderator: Khali Henderson, Senior Partner, BuzzTheory Strategies

Panelists: TBA
Aug 28 10:55
Setting the Standard for Secure, Seamless E-commerce Payments
Moderator: Thad Peterson, Senior Analyst, Aite Group


David Benoit, CTO, Reach
Brian Byrne, Director of Operations, EMVCo
Christian Hulka, Executive Director & COO, The FIDO Alliance
Aug 28 11:30
The Cashless Society: Are We Ready?
How often do you use cash? How often do you use a card, a phone or an app to pay? Have you moved to a cashless life? Are we moving to a cashless society? If so, what are the effects on card associations, card issuers, ATM companies, cash and merchants? We’ll address these questions and more in a lively session on the issues and future of non-cash payment methods.

Moderator: Larry Berlin, Founder & CEO, MSI Consulting


Elliott Goldenberg, Vice President, Product Specialist Digital Payments & Labs, Products & Innovation, Mastercard
Katherine McClure, Partner Development Manager, PPRO
Bruce Renard, Executive Director, The National ATM Council
Aug 28 12:05
How Big is the P2P Payments Pie, and Who Gets the Biggest Piece?
Person-to-person (P2P) payments were up 32.2 percent at the end of 2018, logging 128.7 million transactions with a total value $209.6 billion, according to Nacha. The incredible growth has both banks and fintechs vying for a piece of the P2P pie. PayPal Mobile and its Venmo are the current front runners, but the bank-backed provider Zelle is taking meaningful share in the market. In this session, we’ll discuss the size of the P2P payments pie and what it will take to get a slice.

Moderator: TBA

Panelists: TBA
Aug 28 12:25
Closing Remarks Chairperson: Andrew B. Morris, Founder & CEO, The Fintech Agenda

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