OECD Global Blockchain Policy Forum 2019 SeptemberSep 12 2019 - SeptemberSep 13 2019 Europe/MadridOECD Conference Centre, Paris, France


Blockchain and the ecosystem of distributed ledger technologies is still in an early stage of technological development but is a fast evolving environment. As the hype around “cryptocurrencies” is starting to fade, now comes the time to explore the policy implications of the technology more broadly and consider a holistic response, including an appropriate regulatory environment, at a global level that will facilitate a viable and fit-for purpose innovation and adoption of the technology.

The second edition of the Forum will convene senior decision-makers from the public and private sectors, experts, academics and other stakeholders to:

  • Assess the development of blockchain over the past 12 months and delve into some of the specific challenges to implementation and adoption
  • Discuss emerging policy responses and share best practices identified in public blockchain initiatives across the world
  • Investigate uses of blockchain in specific policy areas, highlighting the work of the OECD and other stakeholders


In addition to the main programme, the 2019 Forum will include a series of small workshops as well as a Govtech Start-up showcase featuring entrepreneurs working on blockchain-based solutions for the delivery of government services and achieving policy objectives.

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OECD Conference Centre, Paris, France


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Sep 12 09:00
Sep 12 09:30
Welcome to the 2019 Global Blockchain Policy Forum
Sep 12 09:45
A glimpse into the future of blockchain: 2030 and beyond
Sep 12 10:05
Bonjour Blockchain – France’s vision for blockchain
Sep 12 10:25
DLT Dialogue - the role of governments and other stakeholders in shaping the policy environment for distributed ledger technology
Sep 12 11:15
Preventing Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing – the new FATF Standards on virtual assets
Sep 12 11:15
Track-and-trace: from provenance to countering fraud - Blockchain's potential in agricultural supply chains and how policymakers and industry can support better outcomes
Sep 12 11:15
How governments can support blockchain innovation and adoption in SMEs
Sep 12 11:15
Blockchain and the environment – blessing or curse?
Sep 12 11:15
Blockchain-fueled GovTech: Developments and views on public sector use of blockchain
Sep 12 12:30
Lunch Break
Sep 12 14:00
Exploring the possibilities and economic implications of central bank digital currencies – Central bank officials and economists discuss
Sep 12 15:15
The future of money? Stable coins and their policy implications
Sep 12 15:15
Tokenisation - from securities to physical assets: a new frontier in financial assets?
Sep 12 15:15
Looking past the hype for blockchain – Understanding use cases of due diligence in raw material supply chains
Sep 12 15:15
Blockchain for Sustainable Development – Are we leaving no-one behind?
Sep 12 15:15
A new era in data privacy – what role for distributed ledger technology?
Sep 12 16:45
Pressing issues - The perspective from blockchain industry bodies around the world
Sep 12 16:45
Corporate governance on the chain: Can DLT improve transparency in the proxy voting process, enhance shareholder engagement and protect investor privacy?
Sep 12 16:45
Tracking goods…. and code? Exploring blockchain applications in the transport industry
Sep 12 16:45
Supporting international cooperation and technical assistance with blockchain
Sep 12 16:45
Blockchain- creating new business models for the third internet age?
Sep 12 18:00
OECD Business & Finance Outlook 2019
Sep 13 09:00
Sep 13 09:30
Broadening our horizons – how blockchain can change the way we work and live
Sep 13 10:00
Anticipating the major developments from the blockchain industry and governments in the year ahead
Sep 13 11:15
Tax and blockchain – from tax administration to tax transparency and the tax treatment of digital financial assets
Sep 13 11:15
Enabling infrastructure investment with blockchain
Sep 13 11:15
Facilitating international trade - from trade finance to customs: a more efficient future with blockchain?
Sep 13 11:15
Blockchain in Emerging Markets: exploring the challenges and opportunities
Sep 13 11:15
Blockchain Now and Tomorrow: From Finance and Industry to Public and Social Sectors – A European Commission report
Sep 13 12:30
Lunch Break
Sep 13 12:45
“Trusted Data: A New Framework for Identity and Data Sharing” by David Shrier, Alex Pentland et al.
Sep 13 14:00
Antitrust & the trust machine - Will blockchain lead to more anticompetitive conduct?
Sep 13 14:00
Digital Financial Marketplaces - New developments and regulatory responses in primary and secondary markets
Sep 13 14:00
Can blockchain technology reduce the costs of remittances?
Sep 13 14:00
Managing our health: what blockchain means for healthcare systems
Sep 13 14:00
Governance and regulation in an increasingly decentralized world.
Sep 13 15:30
How blockchain and AI are changing the world: An introduction to how blockchain technology and artificial intelligence intersect, brought to life with cutting-edge use cases from the real world
Sep 13 16:30
What can we expect from industry and policymakers in 2020?
Sep 13 17:30
Concluding remarks on the 2019 Global Blockchain Policy Forum

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