Swiss Leaders Dialog Blockchain Strategy SeptemberSep 17 2019 Europe/MadridRenaissance Zürich Tower Hotel


Blockchain is growing. Payments will remain the main application for some time, but use cases in other fields are up and running or will be developed in the near future. A high potential for monetizing can be identified – amongst others – in the fields of IoT/Industry 4.0, supply chains, compliance, certification, legal processes, identity management and security. This networking conference connects professionals from corporates, SMBs, startups and solution providers interested in Blockchain use cases.

The combination of different use cases and processes enables smart contracts. Blockchain solutions are cheap and easy to start with. Compared to classical crypto technologies Blockchains are more pragmatic which means more potential for widespread acceptance. They may well be key in aligning existing and future business models with higher legal or market-driven standards in data security. Blockchains could change the economy because they can change the way business partners evaluate each other. They boost transparency without compromising data protection and privacy. The disadvantages of low speed and high energy consumption can be tackled by smart architecture combining Blockchain with other technologies. A main source of monetization is the elimination of intermediary players so far necessary to enable trust between business partners. The elimination of banks in the process of Bitcoin payments is a good example.

  • Identifying promising Blockchain use cases
  • Aligning Blockchain and strategy
  • Best organizational approaches
  • Blockchain as comprehensive IoT trust protocol
  • Blockchain in SCM and logistics
  • Blockchain in Industry 4.0
  • Payments and cryptocurrency
  • Blockchains in identity and security management
  • Blockchain in certification processes
  • Blockchain in legal processes
  • Blockchain in public sector and e-government
  • New P2P business models
  • Blockchain in customer interaction and KYC
  • Smart contracts and combination of processes
  • Blockchain as trust and transparency enable
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Renaissance Zürich Tower Hotel


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Turbinenstrasse 20, CH-8005 Zürich, +41 44 630 30 30

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Sep 17 07:45
Start of registration
Sep 17 08:45
Opening by CINTONA
Sep 17 09:00
DLT Networks Driving Business Model Innovation
Sep 17 09:45
Integrating Cryptocurrencies into Core Banking Platforms
Why there is a need for cryptocurrency issuing
Security and compliance challenges
Tokenization markets
Philippe Meyer, Head of Innovation, Avaloq
Sep 17 09:45
Business Case: Blockchain and the Future of Recruiting
Creating a blockchain-bases "talent passport" as a holistic and valid view on a person's talents
Owned and controlled by the talent
Shareable with any employer or intermediary
Verified through a federated ecosystem
Benefits: Speed, user experience, cost, compliance
Pablo Naicker, Global Head of Digital Transformation, The Adecco Group & Vivek Anand, Founder, Workonomix
Sep 17 10:20
Business Case: Blockchain-based Multicurrency Payments Platform
Benefits of stablecoins to be used as means of payments
What is the added value of a multi-currency backed payment token
Some real use cases
Hélie d'Hautefort, CEO, Globcoin
Sep 17 10:20
Blockchain and Big Data – Merger of the Future / Use Case KODAKOne
For some business models the connection of a central big data hub with a distributed ledger makes sense
Blockchain will not replace existing data management solutions, because it is too slow
Nevertheless in these key fields DLT applications add enormous value: Auditing, Provenience, Digital Assets, Collaboration
All these fields are part of KODAKOne, an image rights management platform
Challenges: Integration, scale, trust, privacy, demand and chain
Solutions and lessons learned, Recommendations
Volker Brendel, CTO, KODAKOne
Sep 17 11:00
Coffee Break / Networking Session 1
Sep 17 11:15
Networking Session 2 (parallel activities) Meetings with peers, experts and solution providers / Solution room / Open roundtable discussions
Sep 17 11:45
Networking Session 3 (parallel activities) Meetings with peers, experts and solution providers / Solution room / Open roundtable discussions
Sep 17 12:15
Networking Session 4 (parallel activities) Meetings with peers, experts and solution providers / Solution room / Open roundtable discussions
Sep 17 12:45
Networking Session 5 (parallel activities) Meetings with peers, experts and solution providers / Solution room / Open roundtable discussions
Sep 17 13:05
Lunch / Networking Session 6
Sep 17 14:15
Facilitating Credit Access for Emerging Markets SMEs with Security Tokens
Why SMEs in emerging markets have difficulties to borrow money
How Digital Assets can solve it
How emerging markets investors can benefit from it
Olivier Roucloux, Managing Director, finoryx
Sep 17 14:15
Challenges when Engaging Smart Contracts to Support Your Business
Code is law?
Automation and self-enforcement versus flexibility
Dr. Jana Essebier, Attorney at Law & Partner, Vischer AG
Sep 17 14:50
Trading Digital Assets on Blockchain-based Marketplaces
The Lykke case: Building a global marketplace for the free exchange of financial assets
Current scientific trends in the crypto landscape
Future Blockchain ideas at Lykke
Vladimir Petrov, PhD research fellow, University of Zurich
Sep 17 14:50
Overcoming Current Supply Chain Challenges with Blockchain
Current Challenges in Supply Chains
Results & Findings of two ZHAW Case Studies
Future Research
Michael Lustenberger & Florian Spychiger, Research Associates, ZHAW School of Management and Law
Sep 17 15:25
Blockchain Regulation in Switzerland and other Jurisdictions
Compliance for Blockchain companies: AML & sanctions, VQF membership
Cooperation between blockchain companies and banks
A stable regulatory environment is a driver for Blockchain company hubs
Risk-based approach for compliance in Blockchain projects
Business Case Utrust
Jürg Baltensperger, CEO JayBee, Lecturer at HWZ & Filipe Costa, CIO & Founder, UTRUST
Sep 17 16:00
Coffee Break / Networking Session 7
Sep 17 16:15
Networking Session 8 (parallel activities) Meetings with peers, experts and solution providers / Solution room / Open roundtable discussions
Workshop (1h): Solving Blockchain Velocity and Privacy Issues
Blockchains are too slow - is this really true?
How to achieve a DLT performance of 1'000 transactions/user/second
DLT data privacy; How to combine GDPR with DLT and Big Data
Olivier Gazon, CEO, Sustainable Base
Sep 17 16:45
Networking Session 9 (parallel activities)
Meetings with peers, experts and solution providers / Solution room / Open roundtable discussions
Sep 17 17:15
Blockchain Use Cases in the Chemical Industry Rafael Cayuela, Corporate Chief Economist & Strategy Director, The Dow Chemical Company
Sep 17 17:50
Health Data Platform Based On Blockchain
Benefits of utilizing health data
Giving individuals control over their health data
Monetization of health data
New approaches for treatment research, health education and marketing
Dr. Quy Vo-Reinhard, Chief Data Officer & Co-Founder, HIT Foundation
Sep 17 18:30
Apéro at the Hotel Bar

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