The Capital CoinMarketCap Global Conference NovemberNov 11 2019 - NovemberNov 15 2019 Europe/MadridSingapore


On an undiscovered supercontinent of the future, free of conflicting ideologies, our guests take on the personas of modern-day explorers who will uncover the future possibilities together.

CoinMarketCap’s first annual event is a tech-fueled, experiential event designed for the global blockchain / cryptocurrency community. It’s a gathering which celebrates the industry’s collective efforts that have made blockchain/crypto what it is today."

Experience the Crypto Ecosystem

CoinMarketCap is the place where over 100M people around the world gather to discover crypto assets.

As a fully-remote company with no office anywhere in the world, we are creating The Capital for all our users, partners and stakeholders to gather in a different place each year – and creating a space where the agenda isn't one governed by a single constituent, but one made by the leaders of projects (representatives) and the community of investors and enthusiasts (citizens).

At this event, we will have global conversations on crypto asset adoption, liquidity and discovery, driving the next phase of growth in the industry. Join us!

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Nov 12 08:55
Welcome to "The Capital"
Nov 12 09:00
Morning Tea
Nov 12 08:00
Anonymous Fireside Chat with Sunny King, Creator of Proof-of Stake Consensus Mechanism
Nov 12 09:35
Major Announcements by CoinMarketCap
Nov 12 10:55
New Finance: Technology Empowerment and Monetary Reconstruction
Nov 12 11:15
The Role of Crypto and Its Potential for Disruption in Finance
Nov 12 11:15
Trading and Derivatives
Nov 12 12:35
Nov 12 13:35
Welcome Back
Nov 12 14:20
Getting Data into Blockchains
Nov 12 14:35
Proof-of-Stake, Adoption and The Future of Staking
Nov 12 15:15
Crypto and Digital Asset Exchanges: The New Generation
Nov 12 15:30
Afternoon Tea
Nov 12 15:35
Flipside Crypto: Fundamental Crypto Asset Score (FCAS) Live!
Nov 12 16:15
The Unintended Consequences of Platforms
Nov 12 16:30
Technology Responsibility of A Crypto Exchange
Nov 12 16:45
Future Top 100 Crypto Projects: What to Look Out For?
Nov 12 17:25
The Capital 2019: After Events
Nov 13 09:00
Morning Tea
Nov 13 09:10
Welcome to "The Capital" Day 2
Nov 13 09:20
Helping Build a Better Internet
Nov 13 09:40
Globalization 2.0: Why Crypto, Why Now, What Improvements Can We See In The Next 5 Years?
Nov 13 10:25
Blockchain & Twitter Marketing 101 - Educate. Influence. Acquire
Nov 13 10:45
Bakkt: Expanding Access to an Evolving Market
Nov 13 11:05
Treading FATF Recommendation 16: Compliance, Custody and Security
Nov 13 11:45
Blockchain - An Ecosystem for All Values
Nov 13 12:05
Promoting Industrial Development through Public Chain and Project Cultivation
Nov 13 12:20
Fireside Chat with Paul Atkins, Former Commissioner, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Nov 13 12:40
Nov 13 13:35
Welcome Back
Nov 13 13:40
Plan ฿ is now plan A
Nov 13 13:55
Proof-of-Work, Halving and The Future of Mining
Nov 13 14:35
Metadata and Building A Quantum Resistant Network
Nov 13 14:50
The Current State of Enterprise Blockchain
Nov 13 15:10
Institutional Adoption of Crypto
Nov 13 15:30
Afternoon Tea
Nov 13 15:50
MimbleWimble, Grin and Gotts
Nov 13 16:05
Argument For or Against: Protecting User's Privacy and Fungibility in Crypto
Nov 13 16:35
NFTs & Gaming: Road to Mass Adoption?
Nov 13 17:05
The Capital 2020!

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