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If you want to do business with the CTO of an automated trading firm, the head of quantitative analysis of a leading bank, the head of a global exchange, the global head of derivatives from a leading fund manager or the Chief Data Officer of a financial institution, you cannot miss this event!

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London, UK


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Kensington conference and event center
Kensington Town Hall, Hornton St, London W8 7NX

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Oct 17 09:00
Navigating Data Constellation - How to build a features factory to feed alpha model generation
Alternative Data vs. Alpha predictions – these are not the same, how do you tell the difference?
Typical features of Machine Learning models - which one to use on which kind of alternative datasets?
Technology Integration – how to build a unifying factory to deploy and maintain all your feature extractions in production?
Oct 17 09:20
State of the Crypto Market – how is the rise of digital assets impacting portfolios, electronic trading desks & capital markets at large?
Oct 17 10:00
Modern Markets Innovation – better market-making opportunities through inventive and cost-efficient technologies
Payments – lowering the cost of carrying out transactions·Data Infrastructure – using additional nodes for storage and quick access·M&A Transactions – greater transparency helping to facilitate takeovers·Cross Border Flow – blockchain's ability to carry transactions between EU states with greater efficiency·Lending – using blockchain assets as loan collateral
Oct 17 11:40
Finding patterns in intra-day trading – how to capitalize on the overall impact on the market from day traders
Alternative Data & Quant
Major events – how are prices fluctuating based on newsworthy events?
Risk – how does the high level of risk for intra-trading impact a traders decision making?
Oct 17 11:40
The 3 dimensions of trading strategies – how can you align your portfolio to better fit a more global view?
A.I. & Advanced Analytics
Discretionary Trading
Traditional Quant
Risk Premia
Oct 17 11:40
Trading Crypto Beyond 2019 – how will cryptocurrencies be traded in the future?
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
High Frequency Trading - developing the systems necessary to trade on a relatively high-latency infrastructure
Options - preparing for the buildout of derivatives that allow for less risk
ETFs - will the SEC allow for an explosion of crypto exchange traded funds?
Security Tokens - which tokens will be tied to tangible assets and how will that impact the market overall?
Privacy - how will future tokens avoid being tracked through chain analysis?
Oct 17 12:00
Adaptive automation – how are firms updating their technologies to stay ahead of market structure changes influenced by MiFID II and Brexit?
Automated Trading & HPC
Matthew CoupeMatthew Coupe,Director, Cross Asset Market Structure,Barclays Investment Bank
Oct 17 12:00
Index Investing and ETFs – building blocks of the future
Oct 17 12:00
What lies beyond risk management – from too big to fail to too complex to survive
Oct 17 12:20
1. Speed on a budget – determining the right connectivity architecture based on costs
Oct 17 12:20
2. Automation in the cloud – structuring off-site systems that maintain high speeds
Oct 17 12:20
3. Asset Manager solutions - staying relevant in the face of coded solutions
Oct 17 12:20
4. Post-Brexit Trading – What is the likely outcomes on the Share Trading Obligation and Derivative Trading obligation, and what can we learn from the Swiss Trading Equivalence?
Oct 17 12:20
5. Smart Beta – identifying true factor exposure and understanding factor correlation
Oct 17 12:20
6. Market Data – A life in the day
Oct 17 12:20
7. Cleaning Data – using various scrubbing tools to eliminate noise
Oct 17 12:20
8. Trading Volatility – systematic option and derivative trading across asset classes
Oct 17 12:20
10. The Future of Asset Management – How technology, computer science and methods from statistics, econometrics, and AI are changing the business
Oct 17 12:20
11. The superiority of the machines? – Opportunities and limits of using algorithms in financial decision making
Oct 17 12:20
12. Natural Language Processing – how are A.I. systems transforming sentiment analysis?
Oct 17 12:20
13. Global Regulatory Infrastructure – understanding what's necessary for developing simplified mass adoption of blockchain
Oct 17 14:00
14. Systematic cryptocurrency trading – applying quantitative principles to capture ‘crypto alpha’ in digital currency markets
Oct 17 12:20
15. STO’s – a guide to navigating through credible opportunities as an investor or fundraiser
Oct 17 12:20
16. International Crypto Centers – what regions are best for crypto funds and why?
Oct 17 14:10
High-performance infrastructure strategy – how are you aligning HPC hardware & software to optimize performance?
Oct 17 14:10
Determining Risk – how funds are analysing how much risk they’re willing to take and utilising new technologies to enhance risk management
Oct 17 14:10
AI & machine learning for trading and investing – what new tools, strategies and products are on the horizon?
Oct 17 14:10
Crypto Custodians – how is the way digital assets are stored impacting the way cryptocurrencies are traded?
Oct 17 14:50
Maximizing connectivity – how are you balancing latency & bandwidth in 2019?
Oct 17 14:50
Evaluating Datasets – analyzing alternative data through technology and human capital
Oct 17 14:50
TCA and AI analytics – how can AI be utilized for better trade execution? A.I. & Advanced Analytics
Oct 17 14:50
Blockchain, crypto & the future of money – how will decentralized platforms change the cross-border flow of currency and commerce?
Oct 17 16:00
The alpha of trade performance – how to harness emerging technologies to develop smarter execution, optimize trading algorithms & predict market behavior
Oct 17 16:00
Alternative data infrastructure – aligning technology, and strategy to achieve peak investment performance
Oct 17 16:00
Utilising Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to generate a more diversified portfolio
Oct 17 16:00
Crypto trading infrastructure – architecting platforms for institutional crypto products
Oct 17 16:40
Tokenising assets: how will blockchain change the meaning of liquidity?

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