TruffleCon AugustAug 02 2019 - AugustAug 04 2019 Europe/MadridMicrosoft Building 33, Northeast 36th Way, Redmond, WA, USA


TruffleCon is a gathering for Truffle users, fans, developers, and those who want to build world-changing applications powered by decentralized technologies.

Join people from around the world as we meet August 2-4 in Redmond, WA to build community and foster connections in the blockchain developer space, share tips and tricks, challenges and successes.

Our goal is to inspire you to build your DApps and smart contracts to bring your ideas to the world! And we'll have some fun too while we're at it. And maybe chocolate too.

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Microsoft Building 33, Northeast 36th Way, Redmond, WA, USA


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Aug 02 09:00
Hands-on Workshop
Building Enterprise Blockchain Applications
Cale Teeter • Chris Segura • Jason M. Anderson • Shuvendu Lahiri
Deploying and Interacting with Smart Contracts on Thunder
Tariq Bugrara • Julien Tregoat
Gas Estimation and Optimization Deep Dive
Nick Paterno • David Murdoch
Push It! Push It Real Good: Truffle Teams Intro & Deployments
Mike Seese
How to Build Secure Smart Contracts: A Deep Dive into Automated Tools
Josselin Feist
Open Workshop
RSK Integration with Ganache
Alejandro Banzas
Sweet UX for your dapp
Shay Magro • Joshua Quintal
Aug 02 17:00
Office Hours
Presenter Office Hours
David Murdoch • Nick Paterno • Julien Tregoat
Presenter Office Hours
Alejandro Banzas • Jenny Pollack • Erik Marks • Josselin Feist
Presenter Office Hours
Mike Seese • Jenny Pollack • Erik Marks
Aug 03 08:00
Plenary Session
Aug 03 13:30
Breakout Session
A Conversation with the IMPAKT Stack
Erik Marks • Nick Gaski • Christian Crowley • Kevin Bluer
Designing Private Smart Contract Applications at Enterprise Scale
Jonathan Leslie
Securing the Unknown: An Efficient Methodology for Securing Smart Contracts Throughout Their Lifecycle
Ben Stewart
Liz Daldalian
How a Microsoft Engineer Architects B2B Enterprise Blockchain dapps with Truffle
Whitney Griffith • David Burela
Qubernetes: Deploying and Running Quorum on Kubernetes with Cakeshop
Libby Kent • Bradley Mcdermott

Debugging Tips and Tools to Improve Smart Contract Developer Experience
Deepa Sathaye
Using MythX for Truffle Security Analysis in your Dev Workflow so you Don’t Get REKT.
Tom Lindeman
Decentralized Oracles: Reliably Triggering Smart Contracts using Decentralized Computation using Truffle
Thomas Hodges
Crypto Legal Ecosystem Panel
Joe Cutler, Esq. • Faina Shalts • Laura Jehl, Esq. • Robert A. Musiala Jr., Esq. • Wendy Moore, Esq.

Combatting Information Asymmetry on Ethereum
Christian Crowley
Decentralized Technologies for Space Exploration
Chris Lewicki
Proof of Work is PoWerful
Kristy-Leigh Minehan • Ganesh Balakrishnan
Permissioning In Enterprise Ethereum
Felipe Faraggi
Using Truffle with Quorum in Cloud Environments
Michael Lewellen

How To Market Yourself As A Blockchain Developer
Gregory McCubbin
Detangling Blockchain-Based Digital Identity
Alan Krassowski
Developing Data-Rich Smart Contracts via Provable (Oraclize 2.0)
Greg Kapka
Truffle's Architecture: What's New and Why You Should be Excited

Approach to Deliver: Small Increments, High Impact
Michael Carter
What Can We Do with Truffle Plugins?
Rosco Kalis
Have some Truffle with your Kaleido & Taste the Difference
Nick Gaski • Nick • Kevin Bluer • Joshua Mobley

An Effective Design Pattern for Querying Massive Amounts of Data from the Ethereum Blockchain
Roman Storm
Blockchain Gaming & Digital Assets
Justin Wu
Dapp Development for the Rest of Us
Adrian Li
Demystifying Tokens and the Standardization of Digital Assets
Ron Resnick
Mock-Contract: A Smart Contract Mocking Framework for Truffle Tests
Alex Herrmann • Felix Leupold
Aug 04 09:00
Breakout Session
New Ethereum Name Service Functionality in Truffle Suite
Brantly Millegan
Open Talk
Board Games with the Truffle Team
Nick • Faina Shalts
Truffle Suite User Interview Office Hours
Shay Magro • Joshua Quintal

Driving Renewable Energy Usage With Blockchain and Electric Vehicles
Danny Pan
The Life of Truffle
Scott Olson

Carbon Markets on Chain
Jaycen Horton
Ethereum Smart Contracts for Contemporary Art
Robert Magier

Events with Drizzle
Julien Klepatch
Save Gas and Prevent Headaches - Proxy Contracts 101
Patrick Gallagher

#FUNDL (How to Fund Your Open Source Projects)
Eric Berry

Blockchain Business Models
Kevin Owocki
Token Taxonomy Framework
Marley Gray
Aug 04 13:30
Betting on Move
Greg Fitzgerald
Firefly: Run your tests in Truffle using KEVM
Everett Hildenbrandt • Grigore Rosu
Hackathon Presentations
Liz Daldalian • Wes McVay

Truffle: Then and Now
Wes McVay

Hackathon Judging
Nick • Shay Magro • Greg Kapka

Hackathon Winner Announced & Closing Remarks
Liz Daldalian • Wes McVay
Joe Lubin

Joe Lubin

ConsenSys Founder & CEO

Marc Mercuri


Tim Coulter

Tim Coulter is the Founder and CEO of Truffle. Before blockchain, Tim built a career specializing in software testing and developer support, which became extremely valuable in the early days of blockchain development. He's now surrounded by an amazing team building the next generation of blockchain development tools, and can't wait to tell you about what's to come.

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