Unlock Blockchain Forum 2020 FebruaryFeb 25 2020 - FebruaryFeb 26 2020 Europe/MadridAbu Dhabi, Dubai


UNLOCK Blockchain 2020 Forum will be held in Dubai UAE on January 28th-29th. Our 2020 forum will be our third series of UNLOCK and hopefully the biggest yet. UNLOCK has been an integral part of the blockchain ecosystem in the region as it sheds light on what is being done in Blockchain across the MENA region and specifically in the GCC.

UNLOCK has also been a strong proponent for international and regional blockchain startups. In our 2020 UNLOCK Blockchain forum we will be holding the first UNLOCK Blockchain challenge with prizes to top three startups ranging from $15,000 to $5,000. The challenge is open to all startups participating at UNLOCK either through a stand or the UNLOCK Startup ecosystem sponsorship.

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Abu Dhabi, Dubai


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Feb 25 08:30
Registration & Morning Coffee
Feb 25 09:30
Welcome Speech
Feb 25 09:40
Keynote address
Feb 25 10:00
Panel 1: Regulating Crypto Assets in the MENA region the rise of crypto exchanges
The MENA region and GCC in particular has started to open its markets to crypto assets, and tokens. In UAE a draft law for crypto has been published, In Bahrain a crypto law is in place and others are following suite. In addition, today there are more exchange licenses granted in the region showing the willingness of governments to embrace the crypto scene. This panel will discuss this topic in detail looking into how this will change the investment and digital asset trading landscape in the region.
Feb 25 10:45
Networking Coffee break & tour of Blockchain Ecosystem Participants
Feb 25 11:15
Panel 2: Security token offerings in MENA region which sectors and why?
Feb 25 12:00
Panel 3: How are MENA governments utilizing Blockchain: including strategy and policies
This panel will discuss how governments are utilizing blockchain inside their departments. It will also discuss the new policies that have been set in place to oversee these implementations. Today governments are digitizing across the MENA region to both streamline processes and costs as well as provide more transparent and efficient services. Blockchain is one of the technologies being utilized in association with others.
Feb 25 12:45
Panel 4: Central Banks Digital currencies, and StableCoins can they prevail?
In the effort to digitize economies, and utilize the concept of stablecoins, many central banks across the world are looking into this topic. Some are in advanced stages others are still in study mode. Some researchers believe the first central bank backed stablecoins will come from regions like the Middle East, Africa, and others. What will this mean, how can it be used and will it change the role of central banks in regulating finance and the economy? Can stablecoins be a replacement for Central Bank Digital currencies and if so how?
Feb 25 13:30
Lunch / Networking & Press Announcements
Feb 25 14:45
Parallel Tracks
Feb 25 14:45
Main Ball Room
Feb 25 14:45
Panel 5: How VC and institutional investors view digital assets
Feb 25 15:30
Networking Coffee Break
Feb 25 16:00
Panel 6: Blockchain technology platforms what is new?
Blockchain in its 11th year has still not given way to a dominant platform that can be utilized for building all solutions, applications and services. There are still public versus private blockchain platforms as well as platforms that are based on proof of work, proof of stake, and other new concepts. This session will look into the different platforms and discuss what works depending on the solution or business requirement. It will also question whether there will be room for one of two main platforms in the future.
Feb 25 14:45
Break-Out Room
Feb 25 14:45
Session 1: Blockchain in Trade Finance
Feb 25 15:30
Networking Coffee Break
Feb 25 16:00
Session 2: Presentation” 2019 in Review”
Feb 25 16:45
Keynote address
Feb 26 08:30
Networking Breakfast
Feb 26 09:30
Keynote address
Feb 26 09:50
Parallel Tracks
Feb 26 09:50
Main Ballroom
Feb 26 09:50
Panel 7: Blockchain in the Oil and Gas industry: Tokenizing the Hydrocarbon
One of the biggest sectors in the MENA region is the oil and gas industry. Yet one of the least discussed topics is how blockchain is infiltrating this industry not only in its operations, production, and processes but also in terms of how we invest buy and sell oil. This session will discuss how companies are utilizing blockchain for oil and gas as well as how by tokenizing this asset we can build a bigger better performing more democratized sector.
Feb 26 10:30
Panel 9: Investing in Blockchain startups, where does MENA region stand today?
Investment is one of the building blocks of any sector let alone Blockchain. Today in the MENA region, particularly in UAE, we are witnessing increased investment in startups and this has trickled as well into startups proposing Blockchain based solutions. This session will talk about investments being made, on what basis, and how this is growing the ecosystem in the region and globally.
Feb 26 09:50
Break-Out Room
Feb 26 09:50
Panel 8: Making Blockchain accessible to everyone BaaS
Blockchain as a technology is becoming more accessible to all industries, sectors, and businesses as telecom operators, cloud providers offer Blockchain as a Service. UNLOCK discusses these solutions, the offering and more in this session. Making Blockchain cost effective and easy to implement will allow more implementations in less time. How secure is the Blockchain as a service solution and other topics.
Feb 26 10:30
Session 3: Presentation “2019 in Review”
Feb 26 11:15
Networking Coffee Break & Announcements
Feb 26 11:45
Blockchain Startup Challenge - Main Ballroom
Ten Blockchain startups will pitch their solutions in less than 5 minutes to a panel of Judges. From these ten startups, three will be chosen as first place, second place and third place winners. Announcement and judge’s decision @13:30
Feb 26 12:45
Parallel Tracks
Feb 26 12:45
Panel 10: Blockchain in the travel and hospitality
The GCC and MENA region will be receiving visitors for both Expo 2020 and FIFA World cup in the years 2020 and 2022. In addition, GCC and MENA region is becoming a hub for travel, tourism, and trade between east and west. This session will discuss how Blockchain can assist in building a more digitized transportation and travel industry as well as promote the tourism and hospitality sector in more innovative ways.
Feb 26 12:45
Session 4: Blockchain Consortiums the way forward - Break out room
The biggest challenge to any Blockchain project today is building and bringing together the right parties under one governance model to work on a successful implementation. There are many consortiums out there today within the Blockchain realm. This session will discuss what it takes to build a strong consortium the benefits, challenges, and rewards.
Feb 26 13:05
Keynote “Blockchain in the year 2020, what will we see?”
Feb 26 14:15

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