Web Summit Lisbon 2019 NovemberNov 04 2019 - NovemberNov 07 2019 Europe/MadridLisbon, Portugal


We've sold out of partner space for 2019, and applications for our ALPHA startup programme have now closed. Tickets to Web Summit are still available. Join us in Lisbon this November.

At a time of great uncertainty for industry upon industry and the world itself, we gather the founders and CEOs of technology companies, fast-growing startups, policymakers and heads of state to ask a simple question: where to next?

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Lisbon, Portugal


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Altice Arena, Lisbon, Portugal
Rossio dos Olivais, Lote 2.13.01A, 1990-231 Lisboa, Portugal

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Nov 04 17:00
Opening night
Nov 04 20:00
Night Summit: Meet & greet on the waterfront
Nov 05 09:00
Breakout startups
Nov 05 09:45
Opening remarks
Nov 05 10:00
Are you ready for 5G?
Despite the hype, a lot of businesses and consumers still aren’t ready for just how revolutionary 5G is. Join this talk to hear about the Eight Currencies of 5G, and to see a complete picture of how it will open up new possibilities for your company, consumers, and society for years to come. This Fourth Industrial Revolution is an amazing opportunity, and we dare not let it pass.
Nov 05 10:30
Reinventing your brand in a digital era
Some of the most popular companies in the world sell products that have been popular for a long time. But how do these traditional brands adapt to a modern marketplace?
Nov 05 10:45
The future we build needs to be open
How can tech platforms become more intentionally open? The internet has shown us the value and the impact of the open movement - open web, open licenses, open source. But we've also seen that open itself is not enough - open is not equal or accessible for all. How can we, as the innovators of tomorrow, build a future that is open, equitable, and fair?
Nov 05 11:05
Winning in round 1: Exciting the world's best seed investors
The most influential seed stage investors in the world come together to discuss trends for the next 12 months, and what it takes to raise that first round.
Nov 05 11:25
The EU after Brexit
The man currently at the heart of the Brexit negotiations gives us an in-depth look at what lies in store for Europe after the October 31st deadline. (Attendance dependent on ongoing negotiations)
Nov 05 11:50
Thinking outside the box
We all come from different backgrounds, but do we face down challenges in the same way? Former World Heavyweight Champion Wladimir Klitschko will be joined by the Josh Luber, founder of one of the hottest up and coming tech companies to explore.
Nov 05 12:10
One year out: Will Trump be re-elected?
This day next year the United States will decide on their next president. Dubbed by many as the election which will define a generation, this panel will explore what data, gut and trends are telling us, and who we are likely to see enter the Oval Office for the next four years.
Nov 05 12:35
Samsung's NEXT big move
How does the consumer electronics maker bring their vision to the next generation now that younger customers are more and more interested in experiences?
Nov 05 13:00
Lunch break
Nov 05 13:15
Breakout startups
Are these the companies everyone will be talking about in 2020? Dozens of the world’s leading investors think so. Every lunchtime on Centre Stage you’ll get an introduction to some of the world’s most exciting growth stage startups. Each of the startups have been hand-selected by some of the world’s most successful investors. You’re in for a treat.
Nov 05 13:50
Opening remarks
Nov 05 14:00
Uber's road ahead
Uber's Chief Product Officer, Manik shares insights from his four years at the company and previews his vision for the global platform as an operating system for city life.
Nov 05 14:20
How to win fans and influence people
Influence is a currency in today's society. Building influence can happen from scratch, or stem from success in other endeavours. This session will explore how to build an audience, and once built, how to benefit from it.
Nov 05 14:45
The king of capital
In this session, Stephen uses the lessons he's learned as the co-founder and CEO of the largest alternative investment firm in the world, an advisor to world leaders and a global education philanthropist to tell us what it takes in the pursuit of excellence.
Nov 05 15:05
Building a billion dollar company beyond the Valley
Hear from three founders who have built billion dollars companies in Hong Kong, Colombia and Estonia on why being where everyone else is does not define how successful your company can become.
Nov 05 15:25
Evolution from keyword searches to AI-enabled conversations
Rohit Prasad, VP & Head Scientist for Amazon Alexa, shares his perspective on how far Alexa has come in the five years since launch, as well as how advancements in and democratisation of conversational AI will continue to deliver new experiences and seamlessly connect customers to services.
Nov 05 15:45
Keep on creating
Ronaldinho joins us with an inspiring message for everybody at Web Summit.
Nov 05 15:55
Setting company values
How do you hold true to your company's core values and not just pay them lip service?
Nov 05 16:20
Changing the world 1% at a time
Nov 05 16:35
Building Calibra and increasing access to the global economy
If you have an internet connection today, you can access all kinds of useful services for little to no cost. But when it comes to storing, sending, and spending money, it’s not that simple. Billions of people around the world still lack access to even basic financial services. This is the challenge Calibra is hoping to address with its digital wallet for Libra, a new global payments system powered by blockchain technology. In this session, Kevin Weil, VP of Product for Calibra, will discuss how Calibra specifically and the Libra Blockchain, in general, can provide people with greater access to money and the global economy.
Nov 06 09:15
Breakout startups
Are these the companies everyone will be talking about in 2020? Dozens of the world’s leading investors think so. Each morning and lunchtime on Centre Stage you’ll get an introduction some of the world’s most exciting early and growth stage startups. Each of the startups have been hand-selected by some of the world’s most successful investors. You’re in for a treat.
Nov 06 10:15
Opening remarks
Nov 06 10:30
The promise and peril of the digital age
Nov 06 11:30
Where I am putting my money this year
The world's leading trend-spotting VCs separate fact from fiction and reveal what deals, wins and busts they're forecasting for 2020
Nov 06 11:45
Is tech forgetting Africa?
Unprecedented funding and unicorn growth has put Africa squarely on the tech agenda. But can the world avoid repeating the mistakes of Silicon Valley and foster a fair, sustainable tech scene?
Nov 06 12:05
Unboxing your future smartphone
A group of the world’s leading unboxers will walk us through their first experience with some of the most exciting tech products from around the globe.
Nov 06 12:25
The evolution of virtual beings
With AR and VR, we now have the ability to create and inhabit multiple lives - the physical, and the one(s) we live virtually. How will we change as social beings? Eugene Chung of Penrose Studios shares how the next evolution of AR/VR and other emerging tech will impact the way we interact as humans.
Nov 06 12:40
Dude, where's my flying car?
In May of this year, Lilium Aviation unveiled their five-seater air taxi prototype. Backed by Tencent, they are leading the race to put the first cars in the air. But is it really possible? And if so, how soon?
Nov 06 13:00
Lunch break
Nov 06 13:10
Breakout startups
Nov 06 13:50
Opening remarks
Nov 06 14:00
Robots are dead, long live robots
Love them, or love to hate them, robots are getting smarter and more ubiquitous. A leading roboticist, joined by our robot overlord, sheds light on the future of working, living and playing alongside our machine friends.
Nov 06 14:20
Trade wars: A new world order?
Trade is the lifeblood of the world economy. Free trade, it is argued, brings peace, prosperity, and economic growth. However, we have seen a proliferation of tariffs and trade wars in recent years. Has the global economic structure shifted or is this merely a mercantilist blip in an otherwise unfettered era of free trade? Come to this session to find out.
Nov 06 14:45
Is it too late to save the world?
With America pulling out of the Paris climate accord and climate scientists issuing increasingly pessimistic forecasts about the climate crisis, we ask whether it is now too late to change course. If we can avoid a catastrophe, how are we going to do it?
Nov 06 15:10
Marketing in 2020
Globally acclaimed and award-winning marketers reveal definitive trends and stories from the frontlines of marketing in a time of unprecedented disruption.
Nov 06 15:30
How we'll arrive in 2025
Trends unfolding in self-driving cars, ride-hailing, connectivity and micro-mobility have offered great promise, as well as many questions. To discuss where we are heading, and what mobility in 2025 could really look like we'll welcome four founders who are leading the way in the space.
Nov 06 16:05
Is it possible to access your intentions at the wrist?
Thomas Reardon of CTRL-labs demonstrates how non-invasive neural control will transform how we interact with the world. See what developers are building now, and catch a glimpse of where the technology is headed next.
Nov 06 16:15
The upside of obsession
In modern society obsession can be often viewed as a negative thing. But what does obsession mean to those who have reached the peak, and what role did it play in them getting to where they are now?
Nov 06 16:40
Machine learning is fundamentally changing the world around us. Amazon has been one of the powerhouses of applied ML almost from its start 25 years ago. It operates hundreds of ML driven services, from counterfeit good detection to consumer review quality management. In this presentation Dr. Vogels details how Amazon has been successful in the application of ML and how AWS is democratising machine learning and putting it in the hands of every developer.
Nov 06 17:00
PITCH semi-final
Nov 07 09:15
Breakout startups
Nov 07 10:15
Opening remarks
Nov 07 10:30
Building the next great ad empire
One of the most prominent names in the advertising industry outlines his big vision for the industry.
Nov 07 10:50
The three things every leader should know
How can we inspire the next generation and create a new form of leadership in the digital age? What are the greatest challenges to a modern day leader? The leaders of eToro, Mozilla, and Siemens AG share their insights.
Nov 07 11:10
Designing your brand to disrupt
Nov 07 11:50
She’s 'The Man': How superstar Becky Lynch came to dominate the WWE
Becky Lynch, the WWE superstar, talks about her route to the top of the wrestling world and the challenges she had to overcome.
Nov 07 12:10
Cash is dead, what's next to go?
Despite scrutiny and skepticism, fintech disruption is here to stay. It's hard to argue against the value of breaking the old models. With cash and brick and mortars on their way out, fintech leaders give their vision for the next big change
Nov 07 12:30
PITCH final
The finalists of the greatest startup competition in the world take to Centre Stage to battle it out for the title of 2019 PITCH champion.
Nov 07 13:00
Lunch break
Nov 07 13:10
Breakout startups
Nov 07 13:45
Opening remarks
Nov 07 14:00
Welcome to the future of mobile robots
A pioneering company at the cutting edge of robotics showcases its vision for the future of robotic technology that interacts with the world.
Nov 07 14:25
Breaking up big tech
The question of regulating big tech by breaking up its superpowers is on the political agenda worldwide. Come, listen and make up your own mind.
Nov 07 14:45
Starting a revolution: the next wave of tech giants
Who are the up and coming tech companies that are making VCs, tech media, and customers stand up and take notice?
Nov 07 15:35
Perspective from The White House
Hear from President Trump’s top technology policy advisor and CTO of the United States, Michael Kratsios.
Nov 07 16:25
PITCH Winner revealed
Nov 07 16:30
In conversation with Margrethe Vestager
Hear from the gatekeeper for the future of technology who has taken on Apple, Amazon and Google, and won, and is only getting started.
Nov 07 16:55
Web Summit Closing Ceremony
The closing ceremony of Web Summit 2019
Jun 07 00:00

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